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  1. chef adam barski

    Wonderful Food! Bad Service.. Troubling!

    Went out to eat. Beautiful food! And I'm a strict critic to say the least. And this food was like 9.4 / 10. Very annoying how the front of house had to ruin my personal rating for the place, to the point where I am going to speak with someone there about it. Think about it. Terrible food is...
  2. chef adam barski


    Short Tongs Medium or Long Tongs? Disregard application. Just pick one! Fun! :bounce:
  3. chef adam barski

    Japanese Knives.

  4. chef adam barski

    Pineapple Sage

    Have you people heard of it? I'm growing some right now, amazing.
  5. chef adam barski

    cheftalk help, please.

    Hey there So I mis-spelled my name, being my username. Its supposed to be Chef Adam Barski. I can't find anywhere to change it, and I also can't find any place to delete my account to make a new one to change the mistake. Can someone please help me with his?? Thank you kindly...
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