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  1. plongeur

    A book about going to culinary school in France.

    Back in 2006 I quit my job and went to culinary school in France. I'm English, and had been living in France for 8 years at the time. I always wanted to be a cook, but my mother - herself a Head Chef in a school canteen in a huge comprehensive school - said it would be a waste of my good Public...
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  3. plongeur

    Foie Gras

    AFP: Foie gras a faux pas, says Prince Charles
  4. plongeur

    Foie Gras

    FOODSERVICE MONTHLY'S Sauce on the Side: Foie Gras Phobia Meets Its Match in Maryland
  5. plongeur

    Escoffier's Carrots

    It's 520 in my English translation and someone's borrowed my original French copy; there's no mention of 'outside' of carrot. But it could be because, especially with large carrots, the inside bit (different colour when you cut in half, you see it in the middle) is harder than the outer bit so...
  6. plongeur

    Foie Gras

    Foie gras isn't diseased liver. Not by any stretch of the imagination. Mutton can be much tastier than lamb, you're right, I'm just wondering at what age it becomes ethical to eat an animal? As for not eating or serving veal - what do you suggest happens to the 50% of calves born to milk cows...
  7. plongeur

    Avoid sous vide

    Thanks for answering all my questions. Very convincing.
  8. plongeur

    Avoid sous vide

    Well, thanks for telling me to go back and read the article again so I can see the obvious things I've clearly missed, stupid me. I'm afraid I'm going to have to be even more stupid and ask you, the clever one here, to point out to me, the stupid one here, how sous vide cooking is dangerous...
  9. plongeur

    Foie Gras

    Stand up to them. Call the police and tell them you've received a threatening letter. If the letter isn't threatening, research how foie gras isn't any more 'cruel' to produce than grass-fed beef. Read 'The Omnivore's Dilemma' which will give you plenty of ammunition to tell these idiots how...
  10. plongeur

    How do you clean your chef jacket?

    Best recommendation I had from here, I think, was to soak dirty jackets in a solution of dishwasher cleaner, not fabric cleaner - the powder/liquid you put in your dishwashing machine. Gets food stains out much more efficiently than washing powder I find. Bleaching won't make your...
  11. plongeur

    Avoid sous vide

    I'm scratching my head here and trying to see the link between re-using (multiple times) plastic drinking bottles and cooking food once in a plastic bag. Are they even the same kind of plastic? And what credence should I give to the one, single piece of evidence in the article that (a) dates...
  12. plongeur

    crocs, what a croc!!

    Crocs are made from Levirex, which is "one of the most advanced non-toxic recycable materials on the market" - Levirex Finproject Divisione Compounds - Produce Levirex e Pvc This does not excuse them being the ugliest things you can possibly put on your feet. They are so ugly, they should be...
  13. plongeur

    Idiotic orders...

    I spent the winter season working in a private ski chalet in the French alps, mostly cooking for the owners and/or their friends. One week we had a group in who, after three days, told me they were 'kosher'. This after eating pork sausages and bacon sandwiches for breakfast every day. They...
  14. plongeur

    Looking for French Cooking Magazine.....

    I get two such magazines here, Thuries named for Yves Thuries and 3 Etoiles magazine, The latter I particularly like as it includes facsimilies of two or three menus - current edition is the French Laundry
  15. plongeur

    Culinary Confusion

    I spent 25 years as a journalist, and I can see the restaurant business going the same way that newspapers have gone. In the good old days, writers and reporters became editors and knew what it meant to send someone out on a story and how far to push because they'd done it themselves and been...
  16. plongeur


    The Larousse Gastronomique has them as resembling crayfish 15-25 cms long, but here in Provence what we call langoustines are smaller than that, although they still look like crayfish. And talking of Provençale, it just means 'from or of Provence' which is a region of France - the bottom...
  17. plongeur

    working in a private chalet

    Mail me if you're still interested, this is what I'm going to be doing this winter myself.
  18. plongeur


    It's actually "Fromage de tête de porc"
  19. plongeur

    Savory meringue recipe anyone?

    Ooh, that looks very interesting - we'll give it a go and let you know how it goes.
  20. plongeur

    Savory meringue recipe anyone?

    Thanks very much for that. We've already used Isomalt, and it works OK. We're just wondering if there's anything else a little more savory we could you. Appreciate your help, cheers.
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