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  1. jcakes

    Calculating buttercream for layer cakes

    there's no standard chart that will tell you what you need because you might use thicker or thinner layers of filling if you use two, three or four layers of cake to create your tier. I created a chart for our most frequent sizes of cake, after making a buttercream dam around the edge using an...
  2. jcakes


    I have been having nothing but trouble with GFS. I've been a customer for more than 20 years so I have some longevity with them and it makes no difference whatsoever. All the broadliners are having difficulty finding and retaining drivers; so this is not just limited to GFS. Last summer I...
  3. jcakes


    I have no experience to offer; I would ask you which internship interests you the most? How do they differ? How is housing handled? VISAs or work permits? Paid or unpaid? Where will you learn the most, do you think? Is this connected to a school? What safety nets are there (if you don't...
  4. jcakes

    Putting a cream based filling inside of a cookie

    A sandwich type of cookie is a better option than trying to bake a filling in a cookie. Two coconut sugar cookies with a pineapple rum cream (use one of the white chocolate ganache filling recipes from Herme for his macaron)
  5. jcakes

    Help! Vegan Bundt cakes cracking!

    What made you decide you needed less baking powder for this recipe? Were you having trouble with it previously? What kind of problems? Have you been baking this recipe in a different pan and only had trouble once you put it in a bundt pan? Having the recipe and also why you made the...
  6. jcakes

    Jaffa Meringue Sandwhich Question.

    Use the smaller quantity and see how long it takes to firm up. I've found that using Callebaut makes waiting for the ganache to firm up take less time because it is more viscous than the no-name bittersweet we use for our every day things (we use the better quality chocolate for things like...
  7. jcakes

    Jaffa Meringue Sandwhich Question.

    if you're after the taste of a jaffa cake, i'd use an orange marmelade and chocolate ganache. Make the ganache with equal parts of dark bittersweet chocolate and heavy cream (I personally like a little bit of butter in the ganache for body; our formula is 2# choc, 8 oz chopped butter in a...
  8. jcakes

    CHocolate Coating Brands

    Coating chocolate, not couveture, right? We use Felchlin in house to dip cheesecake pops and coat cookies with. People like the taste, it's easy to handle (we use the coins, not the bucket - the white bucket has a tendency to caramelize on the bottom with repeated use) and I don't have to...
  9. jcakes

    looking for certain packaging type (cookie)

    We use an impulse-sealer to package cookies; I got this one from Amazon but I'm sure you can find it at a craft/hobby store or even ULine if you shop there
  10. jcakes

    Trying to figure out our 4th item for our treat boxes

    You could also do marshmallows, cake truffles, sugared pecans, a nut brittle .... or your own interpretation of "cookie fries" - shortbread sticks and a dipping sauce.....
  11. jcakes

    What to expect to charge for retail/wholesale?

    A cafe owner is going to need to see the demand for your product to know that 1) they can sell your goods and 2) they aren't going to take a loss on your product. Off the top of my head: Most places are looking for at least 20% off retail. You should consider how often you want to fulfill...
  12. jcakes

    Cooling cookies

    If you have a Restaurant Depot near you, you could get one of these: (it will hold half sheet pans as well as full sheet pans)...
  13. jcakes

    Creaming goat butter

    Do you mean biscuits that you split and fill with cream and berries (or in the South, with gravy) or cookies (like rolled/cut out or drop cookies)? Chefwriter's question made me wonder if you were making cookies (aerating or creaming butter is a way some recipes for rolled cookies start).
  14. jcakes

    Sourdough and other pastries

    I agree with ChefPeon; I have a double stack Blodgett convection because it was what I could afford at the time and I was moving into a shared kitchen and needed my own ovens. I'm not a fan of convection to be honest; I hate the way it bakes. As Foodpump has often said, with a deck oven you...
  15. jcakes

    Home Bakery Business - Brownies

    If you're going to have assorted boxes, with 3 flavors (4 pieces each) then you don't really have to worry about waste. You need to decide on the size of the brownie, and make sure you don't have waste with the pan size you are using to bake. (all those cut ends is waste unless you are...
  16. jcakes

    Home Bakery Business - Brownies

    Are you going to allow the client to mix and match the box? Or will you select the varieties that go into the box? You can go either way and if your brownies freeze well you don't have to worry about waste. If you feel the quality is compromised by freezing you need to have specific...
  17. jcakes

    New to confection! Pan extender vs confection frames?

    you can buy bars at a metalworking shop; they are much cheaper than what's sold at retail. Just make sure they know is for food and plan accordingly (in terms of smoothness and whatever oils they use on the outside). Alternatively, in this time of COVID, JB Prince has been doing sales every...
  18. jcakes

    Oven advice - deck or convection?

    It's unusual to be able to have a *real* choice - usually appliance purchases are driven by cost, space, ventilation or fire suppression impacts. Foodpump is spot on in his advice. No one is saying it's not possible to do pastry in a convection oven - you've done it, I'm doing it, but it's...
  19. jcakes

    Oven advice - deck or convection?

    are there any restrictions in the space you're moving to? Do you get to choose which type of oven? Are you moving to a new space or replacing the oven you have at home?
  20. jcakes

    Frozen mirror glaze

    it's expensive but given your price point, perhaps you could consider a spray that gives you a flocked/textured finish. You can spray it on a frozen product and then use whatever garnishes you like.
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