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  1. kokopuffs

    Question on cherry filling

    Here is a recipe for cherry filling that calls for "8 cups sour cherries". Are these the typical cherries I see at the supermarket????
  2. kokopuffs

    Need a food processor

    ...for making the occasional pate and sausage from pork. I was advised to get a Cuisinart food processor instead of that attachment for my Hobart N50 mixer as the former is easier to clean. I'm looking at the Cuisinart DLC-10SYP1. Recommendations please.
  3. kokopuffs

    Not receiving email notifications

    I'm not receiving email notifications to my threads and see that they're checked in my profile.
  4. kokopuffs

    Knif thinning recommendations needed

    I live in south GA near the Florida border. Who do you recommend for knife thinning and sharpening?? My go to knives need some thinning.
  5. kokopuffs

    Mauviel and Bourgeat Copper Cleaning

    Has anyone tried cleaning (polishing) their copperware using citric acid? I heard that it works. For the time being I use Blue Magic to polish my copper using lots of elbow grease. That's the reason women call me El Beau! Copperbrill from France is very 'spensive but I am hearing citric...
  6. kokopuffs

    Need a tagine cookbook

    A dear friend gave to me a really nice hand hammered, tin lined tagine from Williams Sonoma and so now I need recommendation for a tagine cookbook. It's been awhile since I made some couscous. I was attending the Sorbonne University at the time. It was this time of year when I was invited by...
  7. kokopuffs

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  8. kokopuffs

    For Kuan: Extraction vs Braise

    I can't seem to find your post but you stated something like: For an extraction the meat is fully covered with liquid...... For a braise the meat is only partially covered. Can you please elaborate on this "coverage".
  9. kokopuffs

    Trading Forum??????????

    I can't seem to find the trading forum to see what members offer for sale. Is it still here at this website????
  10. kokopuffs

    Mauviel or Bourgeat 5QT Stewpot, which one??????????????????

    Here: And Here:
  11. kokopuffs

    Tart molds: porcelain versus tin

    Well, what's the difference in the final outcome?????
  12. kokopuffs

    Coming up in not long, a 1.2kg loaf of black peppercorn bread.

    Thank you Acme Bakery from around the corner from Narsai's at Kensington Circle around the late 1970s. I remember having to beg and cajole for a loaf of yours when you were first starting out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8^))))))
  13. kokopuffs

    I just purchased a bottle of Ugandan Vanilla Extract.

    MMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. From Amazon Mexico. At least the ad was written in Spanish. Now it appears in English. And I will provide a comparison between it and my Slo Foods Single Vanilla extract.
  14. kokopuffs

    What has happened here.

    This site is nowhere as active as it once was around the turn of the century.
  15. kokopuffs

    Not reeiving notification

    I've commented on the thread "What's the best saffron" and I am not receiving any notifications. What's up with notifications????
  16. kokopuffs

    Creme brulee + vanilla extract/bean + other flavorings

    Okay I am 66 years old and over the past four and a half years have exhausted my bucket list: a 1972 Triumph Tiger that underwent a rolling restoration and is now sold and a Nikon D850 Camera + accessories that are up for sale. Let's move on. I'm now back to baking. Concerning the "typical...
  17. kokopuffs

    Black Pepper Loaves

    I remember the baguettes with the black pepper rolled into their crust from Acme Bakery way back during the very 1980s, I had to beg and cajole to get one as all of the loaves were already reserved by whoever. Acme Bread just around the corner from Narsais at Kensington Circle, Well ACME, here...
  18. kokopuffs

    Heaven on Earth

    Hey Junior, when's the last time you tasted a real taco. Well here goes. Fry some choriso in lard along with some minced jalapenos, habaneros, mexican oregano and ACCENT. Alongside of the meat, fry corn tortillas in lard as well. Combine and add diced tomatos, mexican (aka Ceylon) cinnamon...
  19. kokopuffs

    Not receiving notifications on my threads and messages to me

    How do I fix this issue and I've clicked the boxes underneath my posts? Also my spam filter is not the issue.
  20. kokopuffs

    Pecan pralines using aluminum cookware

    SAVEUR MAGAZINE, I just received its twenty-fifth anniversary edition and it features a recipe for pecan pralines. Is there some reason that stainless was selected for cookin up a batch? Is there some reason that I could not or should not use an aluminum pan for cooking the recipe? Is the recipe...
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