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    The long road back

    Only advice? Be careful of pain management, try and deal with it the most wholesome way possible, accept you may be breaking down. I'm right there with you, 54 and almost shot out. Good luck and speedy recovery. Honestly, I'd prefer to stay home, cook, smoke grass, and do crafts, but its not...
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    Cleaning wood cutting board

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    Any remedies for flies when outside?

    Go the day before and put out fly tech or fly bait, kinda stuff they use around chicken houses. you can get it at the feed store. put in cans around the area.
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    Baccala Salt Cod ????

    why? tradition. after soaking, boil in milk, discard that milk, add more with chunked peeled potato, when potatoes are tender, put aside some of the milk, whip till smooth, add reserved milk as needed, a squeeze of lemon, whip in evoo. serve with toasted bread. old school. there are varying...
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    Baccala Salt Cod ????

    Remember, you are going to mount it with some sort of fat at the end, for me its olive oil, also you can introduce potato to it. All will cut salt. I am accustomed to making a whipped creamy version, but there is no end to the different dishes to be made with it.
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    Rice help

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    Tzatziki Sauce Cucumber Substitute

    ditto.....I use it in place of cucumber, radish, etc......superb for texture and the cool taste.
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    Authentic Mexican Food

    glenn roberts south carolina
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    Authentic Mexican Food

    Taco dorado might by called a tostada in mexico. Not folded, but, flat and round. The mother of my children is from most of the food I recreate is from a certain region. I look at much of the food as I do north american bbq. So diverse, so different across various regions. I...
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    Authentic Mexican Food

    Really think cuisine south of the border is a mix, it might be better to distinguish between indigenous and the blend of European and indigenous that is known as mexican cuisine. We must not forget how integral the americas were in supplying things such as tomatoes, candy squash, corn...
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    Bones for stock inquiry

    I'm under the impression that most beef starts out pastured and at a little under a year is sent to the feed lot and fed corn, soy, grain till the size spec is met, then sent to slaughter. I like grass fed beef, but certain cuts seem to benefit from the grain. In the south we will pen animals...
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    Authentic Mexican Food

    This is the kind of food we eat at home, barbecoa, cecina, tinga, etc. What is authentic anyway, caesar salad from tijuana?
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    Eggs and Tacos

    In my experience eggs are used more for lunch and dinner, but there are some dishes huevos divorciados, chorizo with huevo, chilaquiles, etc.
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    Unsure of my Next Step

    They will ask you when you are ready. Its very difficult to go in cold as a sous or chef, like previously stated, go in with the intention, and attitude, learning it all. 28 seems to be the time frustration hits. Sometimes you have to pay passage to get where you want to be. I always strived...
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    Best software for calculating food cost?

    The real pisser is updating prices and items. Always changing. Excel works for me but nothing will be anymore accurate than the info you put into it. Question? Do you value inventory at current prices or the price paid at the time of purchase?
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    Help with All-Butter Pie Crusts

    I also make regular old time dough with vegetable oil, ice, milk, flour, and salt. Thanks so much for your point of view. Am really just a short order breakfast cook at heart.
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    Help with All-Butter Pie Crusts

    I aint a baker, but after a while some things start to work. Preciate your post. carry on.
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