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    Ingredient help

    What would you call this? In greek it's called koloxtipa, is it a type...
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    crooked gyuto?

    I received my fu-rin-ka-zan zdp189 and besides the handle being a little crooked i think one side curves a bit more than the other. Is that normal? My father wants to make me a handle so i am going to re handle it regardless. If only the handle is problematic and the blade is fine then there...
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    Single bevel question

    Hello, I've been considering adding a single bevel gyuto to my knife roll. I considered an usuba but I have a santoku and I prefer my chef's knife, and from what I gather a santoku is close to an usuba. I read it's easier to make paper thin cuts with a single bevel, which makes sense considering...
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    Choux pastry

    Hello, I'm not pastry chef but I am a professional cook so I hope you don't mind me posting here. The way our pastry chef made choux pastries is 50-50 water-milk , butter, little sugar, little salt, flour and a lot of eggs. The way our chef made choux pastries for gnocchi is with more water...
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    Petty knife

    Hello, I recently posted asking for help with my new gyuto(, which is fantastic. After properly sharpening it I fell in love with how sharp it gets and...
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    Knife sharpening

    Hello, I recently bought an aogami super gyuto(jck natures deep impact), came razor sharp out of the box, after cutting some veg, mainly tomatoes, onions and carrots, it's no longer razor sharp. It discolored like expected, I cleaned and dried it properly, on the heel there is no discoloration...
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