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  1. petalsandcoco

    Buttercream or fondant ?

    I recently made a cake for a family member who wanted the cake covered in buttercream only. My problem begins when they start asking for decorations. It doesn't always go easy as expected. I made this cake the other day, thought I'd share. It is a chocolate/orange cake with various layers of...
  2. petalsandcoco

    Achieving really WHITE chocolate.

    This might sound like a stupid question and if no one replies , I'll totally understand. Why is it when I melt white chocolate, it's not technically white ? Not only that, its somewhat transparent. For instance , the other day I wanted to dip my biscotti cookies in white chocolate and it...
  3. petalsandcoco

    December Challenge 2014 - Flour

    The challenge for December is Flour my friends, yes, in all varieties !  As we know, there are many types of flour, here is a list you can start with and if you can think of others, please add them in a post.  All-purpose flour, Almond, Amaranth, Barley, Bread, Buckwheat, cake, Chickpea...
  4. petalsandcoco

    Potato Garnish

    If anyone is looking for an idea to garnish your beautiful plates/platters , this takes minutes to make, costs barely nothing. It starts with the humble potato.  You will need : one new potato, warm water bath, tablespoon of vinegar in water to keep potato slices white, and a mandoline. One...
  5. petalsandcoco

    Apple Rose

    With fall almost at a close , I was having fun with some puff pastry and just wanted to share. Two different colored apples for effect. Warm water (soften apples) with lemon juice to prevent oxidation. I used a mandoline for even thin slices.   I chose apricot jam and I use this a lot in my...
  6. petalsandcoco

    Wedding Cake / Support / assembly

    For those that like to make Wedding Cakes, here is video of a professional creating a cake with a design plan. He will show you how to layer the flavors, create a support for the cake, the details of transporting the cake, to the final set up and fine detail. An incredible video showing the...
  7. petalsandcoco

    Panforte (chocolate)

    Dear Cheftalk friends, After going through the freezer and cupboards , I ended up with some nuts and dried fruits that I wanted to use up. So after thinking things through I thought of making Panforte. Maybe some of you have made it before ? I know there is a big history behind the...
  8. petalsandcoco

    Smoked Salmon Terrine (simple)

    This is a Smoked Salmon and Goat Cheese Terrine that I made the other day. But that is not what this thread is really about. The  easiness of a terrine comes from picking your favorite ingredients and then layering all those flavors together. It is summertime and I thought of making a terrine...
  9. petalsandcoco

    Puff Pastry - Oh for the love of puff !

    Yes folks, I have to post this song to this thread because I have been playing it every morning in the car and it just gets me going !  Sliced up some berries and tossed in some sugar to coat  Rolled out pastry dough about 8 x 9. Slit the corners , brushed on an egg bath along the sides...
  10. petalsandcoco


    A Croissant - doughnut hybrid. So what is all the talk about the "Cronut". For the second time this month I read about it. Has anyone tried it ? Is it as good as everyone says ? Anyone have a recipe to share ?  What's your take on it ?  They look amazing to me...
  11. petalsandcoco

    Challenge June 2013 - Pasta !

    Thank you GeneMachine for passing the torch.  The Offal challenge was met with great success by everyone. I gave this new challenge some thought and hope that this new challenge would be met with interest. Challenge for June ,  Pasta ! Yes Pasta, made your way.  With spring almost gone and a...
  12. petalsandcoco

    Banana Bread 1-2-3

      Banana Bread  Easy  1-2-3 Enclosed is some banana music for your easy listening: This is a basic banana bread recipe, there are  hundreds like it on the net. I  came into work and saw  these ripe bananas sitting in the basket so I thought I would whip up a banana bread. This is just about...
  13. petalsandcoco

    David Chang

    New TV show: The mind of a Chef PBS Nov 19, 2012. "What it is, Mr. Bourdain hopes, is a new type of cooking show, a kind of intellectual biography. “We’re exploring the creative process, the...
  14. petalsandcoco

    Black Forest Cake

    I have been asked to make a black forest cake for my niece , it must be delivered by saturday 2:00. I was just looking for a different assembly of the cake. I really don't want to put shaved chocolate all around the sides. Does anyone have a unique idea for the assembly of the cake. There 4...
  15. petalsandcoco

    What goes on in the garden when your not looking Just beautiful.
  16. petalsandcoco

    Tomorrow's Food

    I read this article and thought "Am I reading correctly ?" What is happening ?
  17. petalsandcoco


    I read an article the other day and it used the term, 'Osmazome'. So I did some research on it and found this so far: That osmazome is the soluble part of the meat that dissolves in boiling water and which makes for a nutritious broth, gives it taste, ordor, etc. Is it true that it is only...
  18. petalsandcoco


    I have a weak spot for movies. Whether it be a good comedy or sci-fi or action , romantic. I have watched the "The English Patient" more times than I can remember. Why ? I don't know why, its based on many levels. I took nursing right out of high school because it was " the thing to do ". Many...
  19. petalsandcoco

    Victoria Sponge

    Victoria sponge cake This recipe is good for one 8-inch sponge cake or 20-24 cup cakes Simple basic recipe 200g  salted butter, softened 200g  sugar 4 medium eggs 200g  self-raising flour 100 ml of sugar syrup (your choice-recipe at end) Preheat the oven to 180 C , 350 F or gas 4 1)...
  20. petalsandcoco

    Sugar / Coconut palm sugar

    I was with a friend today who was telling me about how much she enjoys using coconut sugar . She likes to use it when making  tuiles (sprinkle sugar on them when hot) and other dessert dishes. So I was wondering it anyone has any experience with this sugar ? Since I have not tasted it , what is...
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