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  1. rick alan

    Coffee disucssion

    Hello to all, I've been away for a while. Oh, and quite a while back now, there was mention that the vanished Boar_D_Laze was spotted on a coffee blog called something like "," I did go there once, so it did exist under some similar name. Someone please help me out here, it's for an...
  2. rick alan

    Brown Garlic?

    I know of black garlic, maybe this is similar. A single large clove of garlic got essential kicked under a counter, for goodness knows how long. And when I finally stumbled upon it much of the outer flesh had turned brown and a bit distorted. On a whim I decided to use it and was surprised...
  3. rick alan

    Cheese tasting like a bad smell, what do you really do with it?

    Langres from Germain of France has provided me with a new cheese experience. Brie-like cheese smelling mildly of horse manure, and giving the sensation that it's tasting even more so than it smells. Is there a special application for this stuff, or do some just think this raw experience way cool?
  4. rick alan

    preparing professional quantities of butternut squash

    I'm wondering how you deal with the skin?
  5. rick alan

    Super Tenderizing Chicken Marinade - how did they do it?

    I recently bought a grocery rotisserie chicken I never tried before (it was a Shaws market), and it was amazingly tender, fall-apart almost mush tender, and juicy. I assume it was because of the marinade. Anyone know how they achieved this?
  6. rick alan

    Par-Boil Sauteed Shrimp first?

    Occurred to me that with saute shrimp the vien-side might not see enough heat to kill bacteria, do you pros usually par boil here?
  7. rick alan

    iHomeer Damascus AUS-10 8" Chefs

    So I needed some stuff off Amazon, and while I was at it I just couldn't resist finally taking a look at this knife for $30. Pictures and more will follow but here is what I got at a glance: Says 8" chef knife but actual blade length is 7 3/4", 1 5/8 at the heel so adequately but just barely...
  8. rick alan

    Fine sieve that is robust

    Want like a #50 mesh, and something that can take some pressure without the screen pulling out. What are the brands to get?
  9. rick alan

    In Quest of the Perfect Boiled Egg

    I first tried these at a Raman place, absolutely 100% uncongealed yolk, absolutely 100% congealed white, and very firm. They were Jumbo sized I believe, I never got anywhere near perfect with large eggs, haven't tried xlarge yet. My best effort was 6min exactly and immediately into refridge...
  10. rick alan

    Pineapple tenderized steak, big fail

    I was not happy with the result. I crushed some pineapple, let the NY strip sit in it for 1 hour and 40 minutes. Everything looked OK, but the steak would not form the usual crusty sear. It was tender, but in tasting it, though it didn't taste like pineapple, it didn't taste exactly like...
  11. rick alan

    California Roll Question

    I've only ever bought these on a sudden whim while at the supermarket, sometimes at a buffet. from some places I've noticed an unusual savory flavor to the rice that I can't attribute merely to the sesame seeds, vinegar and sugar in there. It is unique to any other sushi I've had, not that...
  12. rick alan

    Tomato Cream Sauce, suggestions on how to make?

    We took our mother out for her 90th to a fine dining Italian joint. I had an appetizer simply described as "Grilled Stuffed Shrimp on Crostini with Special Seafood Sauce." The primary flavor of the sauce was obviously tomato, with great umami, but due to the lively conversation I did not...
  13. rick alan

    "Precision" Fillet work, what does this mean in the West?

    Fish that is. Just a couple of post over the years have mentioned this subject, and very vaguely at that. I have some idea what precision work here is from the Japanese side of things, but no idea what this represents in Western cooking. Can any here clarify?
  14. rick alan

    Something a little different for lamb

    Recently had some lamb sausge that was quite different. Aside from the usual sausage basics were the distinct flavors of fennel and basil, I think a great combination for lamb. Will try it when next i do a full-blown stew, bone-broth reduction and all.
  15. rick alan

    Watermelon Rind Tea

    OK so this is suppose to be popular in China, but I can't find out if there is any special "ideal" way to make it.  No google results.  I mean, do you through fresh rind in a blender?  Should it be dried first?, Boiled?  What?
  16. rick alan

    Lamson Goodnow from early 1900's

    Donna just came upon a knife her mother gave her over 20 years ago, wrapped in ancient paper towel and dieing elastic bands.  Her mother remembers the grandmother using it as a little girl, so has to be well over 80 years old, if not a 100.  A 9" slicer of forged carbon steel, super thin like a...
  17. rick alan

    Cult Sandwich from Seattle's Paseo, and question on some French deli

    I understand Paseo has a roast pork sandwich, a Cuban of sorts, that folks line up around the block for.  I suppose the secret is in the marinade used for the roast pork shoulder. Anyone ever try this one and have an idea what was in the marinade, or whatever sauce they used? And another...
  18. rick alan

    Thompson Ham?

    A while back someone was asking about how he could make a famous processed ham from a Pennsylvania company.  I thought for sure it was Thompson ham, but when I just googled nothing came up. Anybody have any idea what is actually being referred to here?
  19. rick alan


    Cross-posted on the knives forum Quite simply I'm looking to make gremolata, or simply zest an orange or lemon.  Up to this point I have been doing this with knives, peeling and micro-breunoire, but I'd like to hear recommendations for MP's and Zesters.
  20. rick alan


    Quite simply I'm looking to make gremolata, or simply zest an orange or lemon.  Up to this point I have been doing this with knives, peeling and micro-breunoire, but I'd like to hear recommendations for MP's and Zesters.
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