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  1. dueh

    Dying Sourdough starter

    I work for a hotel where we make bread for all of our restaurants, banquets, and other outlets such as room service and hotel bar, in house. I am one of the few in the bakery who have and can run every station within the bakery. I currently run the station I absolutely love, the Ovens. Baguettes...
  2. dueh

    Contined education in the Baking field

    I, like most of you here have gone to culinary school, graduated, and have begun careers.  My question, or rather topic is about continued education into baking and pastry outside of culinary school. My current Executive baker/ boss has been certified through the Retail Bakers association as a...
  3. dueh

    Polycarbonate Pastry Tips.

    The last few months I have seen more and more of these popping up for sale. Maybe they have been around far longer, i'm not sure. Anyone have a set? what do you think of them. polycarbonate pastry tips I can see the appeal of a tip that won't bend or misshape, but i can already see a 20 qt...
  4. dueh

    Colorado Baker

    Hello,  I am from Colorado, and work in a bakery. Tons of cookies, cupcakes and custom cakes. Macarons, shortbread cookies, poundcake. I love it, and bake it all. Working on earning a Pastry Chef title, but have a lot of learning to go. I mostly bake, and do a little bit of decorating, but I...
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