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  1. halb

    What is this??

    This is what I see on the home page.
  2. halb

    COVID19 Keeping Customers Safe

    Not hearing anything here about what we are doing to try and keep our customers safe. Only complaints about how business is down. The largest outbreak in the Country is in New Rochelle, NY that is said to have originated from exposure to a caterer who had an infected employee. So are we paying...
  3. halb

    Invisable thread?

    How come this thread never shows up on the main page? I have been participating in it for days and the only way I can access it is through my email notifications. Hmmm. Now I just realized that this is a conversation? Nobody else gets...
  4. halb

    marinating beef for 7 days?

    From a food safety standpoint, what's your take on marinating beef for sauerbraten in apple cider vinegar and spices for 7 days in the cooler? I do mine for two to three days because I'm afraid of spoilage but I see some restaurants go 7. Am I right to be concerned?
  5. halb

    Ads disrupting pages

    I understand your reason for inserting ads but they are causing problems. I just upgraded to a new system, my old one had ad block installed. I would rather not do that again but I'm finding that now participating here is difficult. Whenever one of those ads updates, about every 15 seconds...
  6. halb

    Another What Is It?

    I occasionally visit a local pizza place that also serves Italian dishes. When you order chicken parm or chicken Milanese, the breaded chicken is this 8 inch round 1/4" thick perfectly round disk slapped on the plate. It's obviously processed chicken that they purchased that way. Other than...
  7. halb

    You're all fired!

    Worlds first robotic cook.
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