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  1. meezenplaz

    Question about Asian Rest BOH OPS

    Greetings guys. As many here know, I've cooked/prepped in several restaurants over the years, including american, italian, mexican, QSR, banquets, catering, etc. One I havent done (professionally I mean) is Asian cooking. I learned all of those in a few weeks in the kitchen I was working in...
  2. meezenplaz

    Thanksgiving Horror Stories

    (I didnt search out if this was already created previously, if so sorry, the mods can merge if necessary.) So my daughters friend Vera's mother in law decided she was going to make thanksgiving turkey for the family gathering. A rather large beast, about 24 pounds. So on Thanksgiving evening...
  3. meezenplaz

    Restaurant Staging--Insurance Issues?

    Hey Chefs, was wondering.... I seem to be encountering restaurants here and there lately, who seem to feel that allowing a potential to stage for a day or week or whatever presents them with insurance liability/health dept issues, because you're not an actual employee. Until recently, I've...
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