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  1. kuan

    Recommend a pastry bible

    It's been more than 20 years since I bought a pastry bible. It is 2021. What do you recommend?
  2. kuan

    The Grazing Table Trend

    What do you think of this trend? It's basically one big charcuterie board. Personally I am not a fan because you can't refresh it. I prefer trays. By the time 50 people go through it's a mess. Plus I prefer pate and terrine.
  3. kuan

    How much shrink can you expect after cooking a steak?

    This steak is supposed to be six ounce. Turns out it's under 4oz when it's cooked. I've never actually taken a before/after weight but have you?
  4. kuan

    Grilling Paneer

    Has anyone tried grilling paneer?
  5. kuan

    Smoking pork in cold weather

    Silly me... I thought since it was going to be 40F I would smoke some $0.99lb pork butt. But even at 40F the smoking chamber loses at lot of heat and no, my smoker isn't insulated and it's not thick gauge steel. it's gonna be oven time pretty soon. :D
  6. kuan

    Short Cut Pastrami

    Is a pastrami a corned beef that's soaked to remove the salt and then smoked?
  7. kuan

    Alternative NY cut.

    This is how I cut my NY today. Instead of the "normal" way I cut a three inch wide steak and cut it in half.
  8. kuan

    Duck Roasting

    Can I roast a duck MR and then carve the breast, then finish roasting to well done for the legs?
  9. kuan

    The Mexican Butcher

    When I go to the Mercado all the meats are wrapped in a big sheet of plastic wrap, and a sheet of butcher paper or some kind of paper separating the meats. What is the reason? I must say I love the care they take with the meats.
  10. kuan

    I need a new food processor

    The plastic on my Kitchenaid food processer has been cracked for a few years and I'm tired of trying to make it work. I never liked the small bowl in large bowl concept anyway because of storage issues. It looks like the best $200 food processor is a Cuisinart. I'd like to hear your general...
  11. kuan

    Are Shrimp Naturally Salty or Not?

    The other day I got some frozen Shrimp and decided to thaw them in salt water. I lightly salted them and grilled them and they were too salty. Obviously there was too much salt, so I'm wondering if the frozen shrimp were already brined before freezing. Before you tell me... I know, shrimp...
  12. kuan

    Meal Kit Ideas

    I'm looking to make meal kits in the style of my cooking. I've made a hard seared 6oz filet mignon, with exotic mushrooms and glace, frozen, then all sous vide together. Microwave instructions are 45 seconds on high, flip it once at 25 second. It comes out medium rare. Perfect. I would like...
  13. kuan

    Name of sticky stuff that forms when beating sausage meat

    My brain is slower these days. I forget words and google doesn't help me. When we make sausage and beat the meat there is a white stuff sticky stuff that forms that holds the sausage together. I want to explain it to someone but I can't remember the name of the stuff that's formed nor the process.
  14. kuan

    What are alternative cuts for bbq?

    I've been thinking of trying something else besides brisket and pork butt. Besides ribs, has anyone successfully tried any other cuts not traditionally used for bbq?
  15. kuan

    Indian cooking challenging for classically trained chef

    Indian food is so good, but cooking Indian food goes against the very grain of myself as a western trained chef. Things like don't crowd your pan, or no wet stuff in hot oil. It's killing me to do it the Indian way but it turns out so much better. I've tried browning the chicken in oil first...
  16. kuan

    Cake Rings

    Could someone recommend some good cake rings available in four inch up to twelve inch so I can buy a set? Pro grade.
  17. kuan

    Three Quarter Boiled Eggs

    What is the approximate cook time for 3/4 boiled eggs and are there secrets to getting them out of their shells?
  18. kuan

    Roll for Philly Cheesesteak

    Is there a correct name for the roll that goes with a Philly Cheesesteak? Or really what kind of roll is it?
  19. kuan

    Paella burner size

    Is Paella a slow cook or fast cook dish? I know the rice has to cook, and after cooking the rice needs to form a crust, but the method seems more risotto like than anything. So I'm asking, if I buy one of those huge paella pans am I OK with a small burner? I'm thinking I might be able to get...
  20. kuan

    I hung a duck in the oven.

    I hung a duck in the oven. 450F until 180F internal temperature. I used one of these hooks. I started a hole in the neckbone with a paring knife first.
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