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  1. chefboyog

    Charging for a 'Fine-Dining' 5 course meal for two ppl

    Just charge the value of the ingredients + time. Easy peasy. Dont cut yourself too short. Pay the server 15$/ hr. Yourself similar perhaps 20. Add all that up and voila. Easy way to do it. Split the tip. Charge the tip. Invoice them and collect payment before service. You shouldnt have shown...
  2. chefboyog

    Opening Fast Casual Dining

    100-250 to build small kitchen new. Similar for front end. So, my 2 second estimate is 200-500k new buikd not including location. Just a guess but 2k square feet in Boston is another 250k-500. Total build =750k-1M Operation costs for 1 year another 500 cash in hand. Of course you can...
  3. chefboyog

    Hello is choosing chef job is wise idea?

    1. Waking up at 4, if your getting off work at 2 pm, awesome. 2. Waking up at 4 because you have PTSD, NO. That line between 1 and 2 is the difference from cook to chef.
  4. chefboyog

    Letter of resignation

    Give two weeks do it in person. Thats all I would expect. Could be different for you do what feels right its your life.
  5. chefboyog

    is my book good

    Yes. Your book is good! To you!
  6. chefboyog

    Applewood Smoked Bacon Mustard recipe ideas? :)

    Id probably taste it with a spoon then have it with chicken. Of course Im alergic to seafood and have no steak so the choice was rather made for me. Might put it back in the fridge after the taste and go for sone BBQ sauce. At this point I think In just trying to gst my post count up. Do tell...
  7. chefboyog

    NO idea where to post this question

    Yes, yes, yes, and no.
  8. chefboyog

    catering job

    Rick rolled we did. Ashley will start singing soon. All seriousness, if your in North America, they will have a coffee and a muffin.
  9. chefboyog


    I cant believe I read all that! LoLs. Been a while. Whats up Chefchat! Im too cheap to spend money on tats but who cares anyway. Keep it up guys ( secretly prays the kids will keepworking when he leaves)! Good debate I think. What was the question though? Carry on. ( leaves the room...
  10. chefboyog

    Exploring "Bar Food"

    Nacho. Put your spin on it. House ketchup and fries.
  11. chefboyog

    Most memorable stupid orders you've gotten

    16 oz Porterhouse, burnt. Fathers day; only steak sold that night, won't forget that one. Filet Mignon, well done. 10 minutes after close ( midnight). First shift at a large hotel. The things we do.
  12. chefboyog

    Negotiating Sous Chef Salary

    PS beg for hourly wage with overtime at 44hrs. Otherwise your ( basically) a slave, especially if they offer you weekly salary of 500-650. Businesses like to throw around titles and salaries hoping to get a lot of extra hours out of employees. If your Sous Chef with less than ten cooks under...
  13. chefboyog

    A cook's confessions

    I confess. Pizza. Taco. Put them together ( Boston Pizza did for a while) and Im good. Out of a box into Chef Mike. AKA Pizza Pocket. As long as someone else is preparing it; best meal going, cause ar that point Im not getting off the couch. PS Option a ailable to eat them in the tub with a...
  14. chefboyog

    Does the quality of the cookware make you a better cook?

    You're a better cook, a pan cooks better. Simple enough? Hire a cook buy a pan. English S.V.P. Good pan, good cook; better. Answers Yes BYW. Haha good luck, semantics
  15. chefboyog

    Negotiating Sous Chef Salary

    Sorry I'll clarify; 1. Yes, THEY do; 1) What responsibilities call for higher pay? (supervising, ordering, menu planning, training, etc.) Not being snipey just saying your right. 4. I said IF. Its a big IF. Ask and you shall ( possibly) receive. Dont ask and youbcertainly will not.
  16. chefboyog

    Negotiating Sous Chef Salary

    Indeed. They shouldnt be offering jobs without a contract or job offer. First red flag. 1. Yes. 2. Benefits are part of compensation. I am not American but in my parts " benefits" would include; vacation, matched RRSP contribution, health/ eye/ dental etc. Add up what they are " worth" to you...
  17. chefboyog

    What will an expensive knife give me, that a cheap one won't?

    Epiphone is made to Gibson specs. Good enough.
  18. chefboyog

    What will an expensive knife give me, that a cheap one won't?

    Only a Gibson is good enough.
  19. chefboyog

    What will an expensive knife give me, that a cheap one won't?

    Size matters. Switching from an 8.5 to 10" Tojiro did help me; I get theough the bag of onions that much quicker. Lent it to a new cook and she has 7 stitches though :(
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