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  1. apron


    What is the difference between cooking and baking?   Does anyone cook yam slices in herbs baked in the oven?  I serve them with goats cheese.  Do you like them?  
  2. apron

    lemon scones

    made some superb lemon scones this evening with self raising flour, milk, and farmhouse butter.  They were light and very delicious. I tend not to roll them too much so that they are light.  A bero book tip not to roll them too much then they turn out light and fluffy.  Made with lemon rind and...
  3. apron

    introducing Apron

    Hello everyone, May I introduce myself I am Apron.  I am a home cook I like to cook and bake for my husband.  I used to bake for my mum and step-father.  I make lemon scones, oatmeal biscuits, chocolate spice cakes, yam herbal slices with sheeps  cheese and goats cheese.  I like making cheese...
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