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  1. gretel

    Person Chef Business questions

    Thanks Brandon. I am looking to do maybe 30 hours a week as a P.C. if this takes off. I have been seriously researching this career for 3 years. I have read 3-4 books on how to be a Personal Chef (I know I study too much) and now I have 2 potential clients who I asked to test my meals for one...
  2. gretel


    Hi Everyone, I was asked to introduce myself. Have been passively reading things on Chef Talk for a couple of years now, decided to join in. I am mostly interested in the cooking and personal chef discussions. I am finally after 3 years of planning looking to start a P.C small business...
  3. gretel

    Person Chef Business questions

    Hi everyone, I just joined so this is my first post ever. I have been reading things here for a few years off and on especially about the PC business. Which forum do I ask questions on regarding this topic? When I went to professional chef forum it told me not to write anything as I am not a...
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