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  1. burnell shively

    High end client discretion for Private Chef

    Well, doesn't private cheffing for royalty and dignitaries suggest that your abilities can withstand very high expectations? How best to say you mean you would only mention the location, size of crowd, type of menu etc?  As I am building my business in a new area, I need to hit just...
  2. burnell shively

    Thank you Layne, that sounds right. :)

    Thank you Layne, that sounds right. :)
  3. burnell shively


    Hello Jacuzzo, I'm a noobie too! Compliments on your get-up-and-go entrepreneurial spirit! Tell me, smoker specialist, have you ever smoked oysters? If so, I'd love to hear more about that... Best, Burnell
  4. burnell shively

    Personal & Private Chef in South of France

    Hello all of you at ChefTalk, what a great community! I am thrilled to join this fantastic resource and look forward to many conversations and exchanges. I am a Personal & Private Chef living currently in the South of France, on the coast between St. Tropez and Toulon. It's wonderful getting to...
  5. burnell shively

    High end client discretion for Private Chef

    Greetings, While planning the marketing for my Private Chef business, I am pondering the issue of discretion. My last gig was for royalty. I didn't tell my acquaintances (just a few close friends) however, it would look really good on my Chef Facebook Page and help me attract clients. But I...
  6. burnell shively

    At what point is a person a 'Chef"?

    Hello all, this is my first post! (rounds of applause) It is very helpful to have such a forum in which to discuss such things, and this very question has been in my mind too as I prepare to set up my new business here in France as Private / Personal Chef. So thank you both for addressing it...
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