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    Food safety and hygiene certificate and prep for it.... where do I start?

    is what it says on the tin, need to know where I can get a food hygiene and safety certificate and how to get the information I need to prep for the test thanks a lot uk only please ty.
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    Currently boiling down a beef stock, after advice.

    Hi folks I am having a go at my first ever beef stock. I've roasted off a few chunky bones and caramelized some veg in the pan added it all together with some tomato puree and water and its simmering on the lowest gas setting on the hob. Im wondering now what I am going to do with it once I have...
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    No head chef in team.

    Recently started a new job, been told by head and sous chef that when not busy basically do what I want and that we are all just chefs trying to get through the shift theres no real "boss type figures" so i potter around and clean, go for smokes when I please watch them cook as I'm new to the...
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    Looking for recommendations for a chefs kitchen threads or videos.

    Hi just looking for some input from the regular forum guys pr experienced chefs on videos/threads on the average chefs kitchen as I've been looking but cant really find much of what I'm looking for, just looking for info on kitchen run through and what does what and maybe even how the more...
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    Trial shift next Friday...

    Hi folks my names ash and I have recently been applying for apprenticeships and kitchen jobs in my local area, managed to secure a trial shift next fri and l would appreciate some advice if possible, I need 5 things to really focus on over the next few days in order to do my best to secure the...
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