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  1. coup-de-feu

    Looking for quality heavy bottomed stainless pots and pans.

    Hello everyone, I am going to order some pots and pans for my kitchen.  I am tired of cooking on warped aluminum.  I am looking for good stainless steel pots which have the heavy bottomed aluminum/copper sandwiched in stainless steel, but not all clad.  20" rondeau, 12" fait-tout, and some...
  2. coup-de-feu

    Provisions in Bermuda

    Hello yacht chefs, What is the name of the brown sugar similar to turnado that you can only get in Bermuda?  What else would you get if you were there as far as fresh fish or novelty Bermudian produce?
  3. coup-de-feu

    Whale meat.

    Looks really good huh,  It was not good.  Tasted like gamey liver.  I even soaked in in milk for 12 hours.  I'm wondering if anyone likes cooking whale and how they do it, but frankly I'll never mess with it again.  Just a touristy thing to try once.   BTW this whale was a type that is not...
  4. coup-de-feu

    Chicago quality dining advice please

    I am going to Chicago for a few days..  I'm looking for a uniquely Chicago dining experience (maybe two).    Can someone recommend a fine dining type place?  Where would you go if you had never been to Chicago for dining? Thanks...
  5. coup-de-feu

    Tru Hone "automatic" Knife Sharpeners???

    Hello everyone, I am wondering about Tru Hone knife sharpeners.  Would you take your knives to someone who used one of these?  It seems I did once before and was unimpressed.  I am considering to take my knives there or to just buy some stones. It is quite hard to find a good sharpener, either...
  6. coup-de-feu

    Face your bills on your own time please.

    The other night I was at a brewery with patrons stacked 2 deep waiting for a drink.  The servers took an extra 5 to 10 seconds each cash transaction to flip and turn all the bills the same way.  Organization is a good thing, but not when it cuts into efficiency.  What is it with people who have...
  7. coup-de-feu

    Cooking with a dog

    This Japanese cooking show on utube is funny.
  8. coup-de-feu

    Hollow grinding on blades = shorter life?

    So here are some hollow ground knives.  They are great to work with, but see how there is only an eighth of an inch or so until the cutting edge creeps up into the hollow grinding after X amount of sharpening?  Doesn't that make the cutting edge wavy?  If the edge is wavy then how do you sharpen...
  9. coup-de-feu

    St. Louis Soulard Farmer's Market.

    Soulard has been a market since 1838, the buildings it is in now were built in 1900. It is in two train station sized halls. From what I gather it started as a market in a meadow near the river where boats could dock before the Louisiana Purchase. I went on a slow day, on the weekend...
  10. coup-de-feu

    Lunch in Iceland

    Had a meal in Iceland, they served the food in jars. 1 - Lamb tartar. 2 - Smoked whale. 3 - Some kind of "puffin bird" I don't know too much about. Same stuff but on the bottom is fish jerky - about like eating a fist full of stale straw and fish dust got all over when I tried to eat it.
  11. coup-de-feu

    Cool curvy wall of 1/3rd pans.

    I found this in a museum in St. Louis.  Pretty cool hugh.  It's built all out of 6" - 1/3 pans.
  12. coup-de-feu

    Cooking Skittle

    Hello all, I'm looking at kitchen equipment and found something called a cooking skittle:   They say it is a combi-oven, a holding cabinet, and most interestingly a fryer and a griddle.  Have you ever used one?  How good is an oven that is...
  13. coup-de-feu

    Is there a price list available anywhere?

    I am trying to find a list of average market prices for foodstuffs.  I got two lists from purveyors that I work with, but they tweek it and hide stuff and make it difficult to know the price of what I am looking at.  Really all I want is a general list for menu planning.   Does anyone know...
  14. coup-de-feu

    The bread book in Kitchen Confidential.

    Hi, Does anyone know the title of the bread making book mentioned in Kitchen Confidential?  I have been wanting to get it but forgot its name. So you have it? Have your used it? Is it smart? CDF
  15. coup-de-feu

    Most obscure / crazy recipe that ever was.

    Hello every one. I recently came across a US Army cooking school recipe book from 1906, where "fried mush" is the predecessor to polenta, "hearts horn" is used in place of baking soda, and there is all sorts of interestingly curious and oddly practical recipes like "cracker pudding".  Here is...
  16. coup-de-feu

    Looking for quality mesuring cup set.

    Hello everyone, I am looking for a heavy duty measuring cup set.  I need them to by heavy enough to not tip over by the weight of the handle and for the Handel to be strong enough to not bend.  It is hard to tell which sets meet these qualifications shopping on line... Does any one have a...
  17. coup-de-feu

    Knock-out Mash Potatoes

    Hello everyone. I have heard about legendary mash potatoes served in starred restaurants.  But I have never had them.  I have worked and eaten in starred restaurants, but I don't remember any mash that made me do back flips. I want to cook really good potatoes for my people.  Right now all I...
  18. coup-de-feu


    The school I went to had a whole course on Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point where we studied what grows where and methods to minimize it.  Before I studied this stuff I would work clean, but just bust stuff out. Now I find that I can sometimes be paralyzed with conflicting information...
  19. coup-de-feu

    Foie Gras Pictures

    Grade A stuff out of Calli, some of the best I've worked with. Marinated, poached, and rooled into dodines.  Presented with peeled grape halves masacrated in cognac and tossed with truffle oil, and reduction gastric of sharaz, port, and basalmic.
  20. coup-de-feu

    Freezing fresh foie gras

    Helllo everyone, I ordered some fresh grade A foie gras and due to a fluke I ended up with 1.7 pounds all to my self, which is like a 2 year supply.  I'm wondering if I can vaccume seal it and freze it and what to expect when I thaw it out - I've never worked with the stuff frozen. I'd rather...
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