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  1. masterflipper

    Favorite work snack

    My job picked up a campaign for the people at Dean's Dip last year so we have plenty of Pretzel Dip around the office so i usually just buy chips and enjoy the dip we got lol. I have become quite the Dean's Dairy Dip fan, the aforementioned pretzel dip and guacamole are like my favorite dips...
  2. masterflipper

    The Off Topic Thread

    Lol my niece told me that one just today!
  3. masterflipper

    More Snow

    I live in NYC and we are gonna get hit this week:/
  4. masterflipper

    Brocolli stems

    I bake them in garlic and butter. Amazing!
  5. masterflipper

    Soaked Pork Loin

    This thread helps me alot I have a Tenderloin in the fridge and now I know exactly how I am going to prepare it.
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