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  1. a_mak

    I can't believe what my Chef did yesterday

    So yesterday was Valentine's Day and as you all can imagine it was extremely busy. I work in a restaurant located in a casino and we were open from 11AM to 11PM and were busy from the opening minute until closing. I got in at 4PM and the rush was on and didn't stop. And the way it works in...
  2. a_mak

    My chef is a complete moron

    He's never been the brightest bulb but these past two days I really wonder what's in this guy's head. Today our chef came to the kitchen supervisor and told him that we had a party tomorrow for tribal members and we had to get everything prepped tonight before we left work. What makes this...
  3. a_mak

    A poosh of basil?

    Recently one of my kitchen supervisors asked me to get him a "poosh of basil" from the walk-in. And I had no idea what he was talking about so I just brought him a bunch of basil. Is that a word? It's probably not spelled correctly but that's how he pronounced it. My supervisor has a...
  4. a_mak


    I've actually registered a few months ago & have pretty much been lurking. Finally last night I made my 1st post. Anyway, I'm a line cook, I'm from Southern California (Inland Empire), and I work in a restaurant at an Indian casino. I also graduated from culinary school. I like all kinds of...
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