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  1. chefa1a

    Tapioca Pearls

    any one doing anything with tapioca pearls???? I saw keller use it years ago and didnt want to jump on that trend but now seeing more and more pop up I have done a few calcium chloride-sodium alginate pearls but alot of labor just for a wow garnish ( its great if you have a tasting menu)...
  2. chefa1a

    Egg Nog inspired holiday recipes

    trying to get in the holiday mode I have been trying out a few new variations egg nog recipes regards chef chris
  3. chefa1a

    Naked Sushi

    just did my first "Naked Sushi " event well pretty well, good turnout, DJ and overall fun night except the girls complained the wasabi and sriracha burned their skin heres the first batch of pix Online Photo Filer Gallery FilmStrip
  4. chefa1a

    e tools for the Modern Chef

    going through some of my templates and wonder if I need any new stuff what do you think chefs need today computerwise examples Mastercook software ms word templates with menus and special sheets excel inventories, spread sheets, preplists, menu costing training guides, opening and closing...
  5. chefa1a

    fixing broken holandaise

    a chef showed me once you can fix a broken hollandaise be rewhisking it in a hot stainless bowl with vinegar is there a science behind fixing the broken co-aggulation?????
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