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  1. malch

    hard anodized cookware coating worn off or just discolored?

    Cool, thanks. I've also seen pans with this light grey most of the way up the sides, until a certain level, above which the pan is dark grey as if new. Any theories as to what might cause this?
  2. malch

    hard anodized cookware coating worn off or just discolored?

    I'm gradually supplying my kitchen with old Calphalon commercial hard anodized aluminum. Sometimes I see a piece with a light grey bottom, like this: For something like that, is the coating is worn off, or just discolored? Would it still be good for acidic foods?
  3. malch

    2-ply / duo-ply / stainless lined aluminum cookware?

    I've seen this type of cookware -- stainless interior and aluminum exterior -- mentioned favorably in some old posts (shoutout BDL). I've done some searching and have only found a few lines of this type: Browne Foodservice Thermalloy 2-ply old "All-Clad LTD" pans with anodized aluminum...
  4. malch

    Tips getting a summer job in a restaurant?

    Landed a job as a busser in case anybody cares... Booyah!
  5. malch

    Tips getting a summer job in a restaurant?

    I'll bump this... Thanks for your input donmoocao and SquirrelRJ!
  6. malch

    Tips getting a summer job in a restaurant?

    So I'll be headed off to college this fall (not culinary school, I'm sorry to say), and I need a summer job (perhaps for a month in the winter as well). Since I started getting into cooking a few years ago I have thought it would be cool to work in a restaurant, with the ultimate goal of being a...
  7. malch

    Epic Meal Time

    I was wondering what you guys would think of this... Some of the stuff they make is pretty impressive, albeit totally disgusting. Anyway if you don't know what I'm talking about here's the latest episode:
  8. malch

    Making carrot-banana bread more bread-like

    So I was making some carrot-banana bread today and thought it would be nice if it was more sturdy so it would be easier to spread cream cheese on it (maybe you could even make sandwiches). The recipe I've been using for years yields a cake-like texture. Using bread flour would be easy but I...
  9. malch

    Food Words and Expressions I Don't Like Because I'm Old and Cranky

    I don't like when menus say "homemade" even if they do make it in house. Because it's still clearly not made at a home.
  10. malch

    Sea Food Fra Diavlo

    I, for one, would love to see your recipe, BDL.
  11. malch

    GUILLOTINE AND GLIDE - Classic French Knife Action

    The internet is great, but it can be a horrible horrible place. I'm sure there are plenty of good knife skills videos on YouTube but the problem is finding them among the heap of crap.
  12. malch

    Proper Pinch Grip

    BDL, I was confused when in another thread you said fish was one of your favorite inexpensive meals. Now I know. o_o
  13. malch

    What Makes a Good Knife Review?

    BDL, are you trying to improve your own reviews, or turn this thread into a collaborative guide for people to look at before they write a review? I ask this because IMO the most important thing is that the reviewer knows what they're talking about and has enough experience to put things in...
  14. malch

    Proper Pinch Grip

    It's good to know I'm on the right track, especially when it's so easy to mess up. Thanks, guys! BDL, I totally get what you're saying about keeping a soft grip. Being tense is never a good thing if you can help it. It's just like in running, good form is characterized by staying relaxed. Tight...
  15. malch

    Proper Pinch Grip

    I'm sure this has been discussed but I couldn't find a thread on this topic so yeah. I've read a on this forum that a proper pinch grip for a chef's knife puts the knife in a straight line with the forearm. Ever since I got serious (or more serious than I used to be) about cooking, I've used a...
  16. malch

    Choosing my first chef's knife, and sharpening methods

    Helpful as always, BDL. Also nice to hear from someone else, Mike. My Forschner came today and I really like the handle. What an improvement! I've already sharpened my Farberware 8" chef's and 5" utility/petty to 20 degrees (I cut out some cardboard wedges to check my angle). I didn't think...
  17. malch

    Choosing my first chef's knife, and sharpening methods

    Got my IB8 India stone today. Looks quite nifty. I should be getting my chef's knife soon as well. Found some good deals on ebay. I'll order the rest of the stuff soon. There is a gripe that I have though. My bench stone came pre-oiled and I think I read somewhere that if you use oil once, you...
  18. malch


    Cook's Illustrated says vodka is a vital ingredient, because the alcohol contributes wetness without adding to gluten, which makes the batter thick. I believe the use of cornstarch and keeping the batter cold as BDL mentioned is also meant to hinder the development of gluten. I would post the...
  19. malch

    Choosing my first chef's knife, and sharpening methods

    I may be making an incorrect assumption, but from reading a bunch of threads here I've gathered that certain finer grit stones aren't beneficial until you're competent at sharpening. If this applies to Arkansas stones, I see no reason to buy them now. If it doesn't make sense to have the Norton...
  20. malch

    Choosing my first chef's knife, and sharpening methods

    I think he was talking to me? lol. Anyway I've thought long and hard and I've decided to use a sharpening stone at least for now. Let's say I get: Forschner Redwood 10" Chef's KnifeIdahone 12" Fine Ceramic Rod (or the DMT if it's much easier to get)Norton IB-8 India Stone (couldn't find IC-8)...
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