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  1. cacook

    Price sheets?

    Do you any of you have any price sheets you can email to me? I got a catering job, and as part of the interview, the owner wanted me to cost out a couple ideas he had. They don't have to be accurate or that new, but just something that's in the ballpark. (Produce, meats, dry goods etc.). I'll be...
  2. cacook

    Tough decision

    Ok, so I'm sure some or all of you have been in this situation before: I currently work at a nationally known restaurant owned by a very well known celebrity chef. I am constantly learning and work with the best market produce I could wish for. My quandry is this; I have a friend that recently...
  3. cacook


    So I don't know for sure until I get the test results back, but I have one of three things: a)Mononucleosis b)Strept throat c)Some bacterial infection Aside from how I it safe, contamination-wise, for me to go back to work? I can't afford to miss 4 days of work until my next doctor...
  4. cacook

    From Hotel to Country Club there's been some ongoing problems that I'm not sure I want to deal with at the hotel I work at and have been looking around. There's going to be a country club opening up that's looking for cooks and a sous chef. While I'd like to be the sous chef obviously...I don't feel I'm ready and...
  5. cacook

    Tell me what you think about this.

    I've had offers by several people that would LOVE me to prepare meals a week or so in advance so they can keep them in their freezers and eat as required. I don't really want to do this because of the quality and flavor loss, but it seems like I would have a lot of business doing it. What do you...
  6. cacook

    Any ideas for valentines day?

    I was going to cook for her parents but they aren't able now I need some ideas. Going out to eat especially on the busiest night of the year has no appeal...and I live in Southern California so I could do something at the beach...but it rained today so who knows what the weather...
  7. cacook

    Got any menu ideas?

    So my girlfriend and I are going to be cooking for her parents, brother and sister and their significant others on valentines day (who would have thought I'd get that night off?). Where I work we do a lot of traditional stuff (ie bordelaise, S&P only on meat, beurre blancs etc), so I want to do...
  8. cacook

    Calling in sick.

    Ok, so I guess I've got the flu or a cold or something. I've never called in sick in my culinary career yet (all year and a half of it), but I know that as soon as I get there I'll probably just throw up and leave anyway. I work banquets and there's only a couple tastings and a couple parties of...
  9. cacook

    Dealing with people

    Ok, so there are obvious ways to deal with this and it isn't even really an issue at all, but I was curious what everyone else does...if anything. I've got this lady in the pantry that just isn't doing too well in my book. I work great with everyone but she seems to always be in my way and not...
  10. cacook

    Knife reccomendations

    Hello, I wasn't quite sure where to put this, but I'm currently in a culinary program and was wondering what was an inexpensive set of knives geared toward beginners/students. I'm looking to spend around 50-200ish? and have seen all the major brands wusthoff, henckle, shun etc, and can't afford...
  11. cacook


    New guy here from Southern California, I'm 21 and currently in a culinary program at my community college, then going to be going to real school once I get some more money.
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