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  1. santona 1937

    sw france position open

     so....   have finally found a job  that is not a half baked idea in someones head:)  small gastropub not far from carcassonne/ limoux in sw france. am looking for a good cook to work in what is currently a 2 person brigade. the  restaurant has plans to expand next year and the brigade will...
  2. santona 1937

    South Of France for the Winter?

    hey there,  i tried sending email, but failed, send your cv to [email protected]  look forward to hearing from you 
  3. santona 1937

    How Many Hours Do You Work(Day/Week)

    Exec Chef. 5 day week, but do a lot of work at home on days off.  14 hour days for the 5 days I am "at work".  not quite sure how many hours that works out to.  I have a very understanding wife :)   5 weeks paid holiday, plus 13 personal days, by French law. My sous works 55 hour weeks...
  4. santona 1937

    Tell me why!?

    WEll, I am an Exec chef, but not in a corporate.  Almost all of my time is spent away from the stoves, if I can work one shift a week  on the pass or the line, that is a lot :0 Targets are always hard to meet, and they should be. Until you have run a kitchen you are not a chef, you are a...
  5. santona 1937

    The worst head chef I have worked with

    I am not so sure that drugs ( in particular) and drink were so hush hush :) Every place I worked in during the late 70's and early 80's had a high coke/speed user ratio.  I was just a young apprentice at the time.
  6. santona 1937

    South Of France for the Winter?

     We  are starting to put  our winter season staff together, and are looking for applications for kitchen crew.  So... if you have some kitchen experience, and want to work in the South of France for the Winter, drop me a line. US.  Situated in a 900 year old ex monastary,  Our main clientele...
  7. santona 1937

    Sous vide in restaurant kitchens

     overall it reduces cost per  item, we use it on all our proteins,  reduces wastage, less plates returned as the cooking process is more accurate, storage time is extended, allows us to use cheaper cuts and not reduce price.   It works really well on our buffet for athletes, where we can offer...
  8. santona 1937

    Sous vide in restaurant kitchens

     as mentioned on another thread I thought would start a thread on Sous Vide.  Iput it here as it is much less about cooking, than about a commercial kitchen developing sous vide techniques.  first off; an immersion circulator is more efficient than a water bath, but most places- mine included-...
  9. santona 1937

    The price of beef

     Sous Vide can  produce some really cool results in using cuts like chuck/ top Round/ Onglet etc.   I will start  a thread on sous vide  so as not to derail this thread.
  10. santona 1937

    The price of beef

     Meat and dairy prices are going up  globally. The way I see it you have three options;  1. raise menu prices. 2. find a substitute for meat and dairy 3. move more and more to sous vide, which allows you to use cheaper cuts of meat.  Number 1 is out  for a lot of folks, especially in the...
  11. santona 1937

    Advisory Committee Hunt

     Sous vide is not just for Modernist cuisine. we Vac pac all our proteins when they first get delivered and. date mark them. It allows us to hold  them an extra day or so if we have to. We can then cook them  sous vide and hold them for a wee bit longer if we have to. All in all the process...
  12. santona 1937

    Anybody done bitterballen?

     try some of the dutch sites, Bitterballen are very very popular in the Netherlands.  HTH
  13. santona 1937

    Throwing a thought out there...

     I am a Chef de Cuisine, ( I work in France) which means I am in charge of all the food that we put out ( three outlets serving food and a couple doing snacks,  all in one resort). I  call my self a cook.  Chef just means in charge of.  The only time a staff member call me chef is if we are...
  14. santona 1937

    What are you growing this year?

    I am a little lucky in that  my new workplace comes with 5 hectares ( about 15 acres) of gardens and orchards. and 10 hectares of  grape vines for wine  No one has lived here for 10 years, so its all a bit run down, but  so far we have discovered:  wild artichokes wild onions  Wild berries...
  15. santona 1937

    What Is The Food Scene Like In Your Town?

     Yes, lived on Maui  1990-1992.   nice foodie scene, David Pauls,  Modern Maui cuisine  Longhis-  no written menu, all verbal  Lahaina coolers, great for Pu pu's and breakfast  And then there were the grand hotels in Ka'an'pa'li who did the most amazing buffets.  Wailuku was cool for more...
  16. santona 1937

    What Is The Food Scene Like In Your Town?

     I worked on Maui for two years, Miss it a lot.  David Pauls Lahaina grill was wonderful.  Lotf of good food where I am now, Narbonne, France.   For a  beach town of 40k folks,   its not too bad :)
  17. santona 1937


     been on here a little while, but thought should do the formal thing;  Nic, exec/ head chef in Narbonne, France.  We are just about to open.  900 year old ex monastery that  is being restored and turned into a residential training facility for Olympic level athletes, as well as a tourist...
  18. santona 1937

    Please help to correct menu

     Hi there, am assuming you are in Eastern europe, or this is an eastern european place?  Couple of critiques, if I may;  The menu is a bit all over the place, moules should be that, not mule, and the word you want is mariniere, not marinara, which is an italian tomato sauce :)  the salad...
  19. santona 1937

    Kitchen From Skratch or "SUDDENLY a Chef"

     I will try to answer your questions. they should pay you to do the planning etc for the kitchen build. It is not uncommon. As well as the physical kitchen you will also have to write the HACCP plan, risk assessments, etc   The first thing ,you should sit down with them and find out exactly...
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