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  1. tasquah

    Buttercream: Why can't you stay smooth looking on the cake?

    Are you useing a kitchen aid mixer with the paddle attachment ? or a regular hand mixer? Do you let the butter come to room temp or zap it in the microwave? What size of off set spatula do you use?
  2. tasquah

    Why is my apple pie so watery after baking?

    Ohh , nice photo and a great looking slice of pie RRCos.
  3. WK4-DAY1 DSC05518.jpg

    WK4-DAY1 DSC05518.jpg

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    WK4-DAY1 DSC05494.jpg

  5. tasquah

    What to choose Cake Roll or E'clair ?

    I vote Eclair, but I love making them and eating them.  A cake roll is easier to do though and can be made way ahead of time. Eclairs are best if eaten right away and don't have much of a shelf life if you like them kind of crispy. Also to really make them right at home, you kind of have to...
  6. tasquah

    Paula Deen in the news

    I like Anthony Bourdain and thought what he said about Paula was funny  "Thinking of getting into the leg-breaking business, so I can profitably sell crutches later."  I took it to mean he thought her style of cooking was making people over weight and that would sooner or later make them...
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  11. American Regional Cuisine

    American Regional Cuisine

    food I cooked for class
  12. tasquah

    Comment by 'tasquah' in media 'Photo111b.jpg'

    NIce, I like this or the idea of it anyways. 2 cream puff swans, each one swiming in its own flavourful sauce.
  13. tasquah

    locating gold label yeast

    SAF Gold Label Instant Yeast - $5.99 This is the same stuff we use at school in a 1 lb package. I am not sure were you live and since I live in the USA , I useally assume every one else does, there in "Ogden, UT 84405" 
  14. tasquah

    Working with Almond Paste

    David Lebovitz says to use a food processer or pulse it in a blender, to get all the lumps out of it and a finer grind. I have seen plenty of lumpy macaroons pictures and read blog horror storys about lumpy almond paste. I think most of...
  15. tasquah

    Italian Butter Cookie recipe like the ones found in an Italian Bakery

    Crumb Boss also has one she calls a "Butter Spritz Cookie" ,  There is a video to go along with it that shows mixing, piping and cookie variations.    Butter 10oz (1 1/4 cups) 10X Sugar 10oz (2 cups)  ( 10x sugar is powdered sugar ) Salt 1t Shortening 10oz (1...
  16. tasquah

    Italian Butter Cookie recipe like the ones found in an Italian Bakery

    Here is another one from Chef Tess   SAND COOKIES 1 1/2 cups flour (we used AP) 1/2 cup cornstarch 1/2 cup shortening 1/2 cup butter 1 1/4 cups confectioners sugar * (see Note) 1 1/2 t. vanilla extract 2 eggs *(we...
  17. tasquah

    Italian Butter Cookie recipe like the ones found in an Italian Bakery

    This might work for you Pjswim, The creaming method is important for this cookie , some people use fine sugar for it and get better results, (you can chop/refine your sugar in a food processor). I also like to pop my piped cookies in the freezer for 10-15 min to get the butter hard again so they...
  18. tasquah

    Torte Rings?

    they usually come in heavy duty stainless steel (w/ mirror finish) or Aluminum  about a 16 gauge so.
  19. tasquah

    custom forming buns

    English muffins are baked / cooked in a small ring mold. (Same thing as a round cookie cutter).  Why don't you just bake the buns the normal way and just use a star shaped Cookie cutter to cut them to your desired shape, then use a small circle cuter to remove that center hole? What you want is...
  20. tasquah

    Storing Ideas?

    So your talking about 46-79˚F , and I am guessing there is lots of moisture in the air along with rapid temperature changes. ? that would cause moisture to dissolve sugar on the surface of the chocolate making whats called a "sugar bloom" (it is not a mold). just sugar crystals running amuck...
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