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  1. bork

    Need Help with measures!!!

    I have a recipe for Cranberry Walnut Bread, and when I wrote it down (over the phone) I think I messed up the measures for baking powder and baking soda. Can anyone make an educated guess as to what they should be? 2 cups Flour ??? Baking Powder (I wrote 2 tsp, but that...
  2. bork

    Pet Pics...

    Look what I just got! His name is Ignatius, and I can't believe I ever lived a day without him! Notice in the second pic that his favorite place in the house is my cookbook shelf in the kitchen (mine too, we have a lot in common)! Anyone else have any pet pics to share?
  3. bork

    Steve Irwin... very sad... BORK <><
  4. bork

    Good Eats In Daytona Beach...

    We are getting ready for our annual Daytona Beach trip and we need a good place to get some REAL food. In the past we have been limited to whatever we could walk to, but this year we will have a little more mobility. Any suggestions welcomed and appreciated! BORK <><:bounce:
  5. bork

    Classic Coconut cake recipe needed!

    Does anyone have a fantastic recipe for coconut cake. I am looking for the classic type but all I seem to have in my collection are coconut lemon cake, coconut pound cake, etc... Looks like I'll have to increase my collection of cookbooks (again)! :lol: Thanks in advance! BORK <><
  6. bork

    Pics of my first cake...D.U.W.

    I'm so excited! I recently completed my first cake decorating class. It was so fun, but the thing that I really learned was that there is so much more to learn! My hat is off to the pros! My mother-in-law had a birthday right after the class ended, so guess who made the cake... :lol: I know it...
  7. bork


    I had not heard of your book until this discussion, but I will add it to my wish list! Have you ever worked with xylitol as a sugar sub? What do you think of its performance in recipes? Are there any recipes you would advise against using xylitol in? Thanks in advance!
  8. bork

    Is this All Clad pan doomed?

    It was a delicious meal; creamy parm polenta topped with kale and muchrooms with pancetta. :lips: But the polenta got scorched to the bottom of my pan. :eek: Will anything save this pan? :blush: Thanks in advance! BORK <><
  9. bork

    Lemon Bar Help...

    I have been in search of a good recipe for lemon bars for quite some time. I have tried every recipe that I could find and they ALWAYS come out with a crusty top. I think it has something to do with having flour in the lemon batter which separates during baking and floats to the top. I am...
  10. bork

    Charlotte NC

    Is anyone here familiar with the Charlotte, NC area restaurants? I will be taking several business trips there over the next few months and I would love to find a great place to eat! :beer: Thanks!
  11. bork

    Finally Joined!

    Hello! I have been enjoying the priceless info on this site for a few months now and thought I'd join in! It sure is nice to have a great forum like this one! :chef: Bork <><
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