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  1. hchaz

    Pre-sugaring creme brulee

    I’ve done it before and it works fine. The sugar might liquify but will remain on top and carmalize just fine. Think of how a creme carmel works.....
  2. hchaz

    Thawing Meats Incorrectly

    I've barfed my share, the majority of times because alcohol content. Fish is the worst offender when it is force thawed, so foodpump, you are 100%!
  3. hchaz

    Chicken Parmigiano

    I'm pretty sure if you can cook a chicken breast to 165f and have it safe, you can cook a whole chicken, duck or partridge to 165 and have it just as safe.pretty sure you can pull a whole bird out of the over at 155-160 and it will finish at 165-170 and be safe for everyone except for the one...
  4. hchaz

    Thawing Meats Incorrectly

    From what I've seen, and check the CDC website, you are doubling your risk of getting a food borne illness when you eat out...
  5. hchaz

    Advise about a raise

    I agree with the fair wage. What you have to look at is, are you still learning where your at. If you can find a job with a more talented chef, even if it means a pay cut, it's worth it to switch jobs. To be at a job 3.5 years is long when your young, assuming your young.when people see you...
  6. hchaz

    payment terminal for small business-restaurant service

    What you maybe don't realize is that with CCs, the merchant is also paying the rewards so while you may have low processing fees, hidden in your monthly transaction reports are all your additional fees. I pay just under 1% per transaction but when you figure your monthly statement, guarantee all...
  7. hchaz

    Wusthof cooks kit from the late 40s

    A spatula to the left and an ice chisel to the right. It would be pretty rare to find a single item this age which is unused. I've looked to see if I could find the 3-4 pcs that are missing. I'm not even sure what is missing. Wusthof downplayed the value by stating to me carbon blades have no...
  8. hchaz

    Thawing Meats Incorrectly

    Thawing under hot water, in addition to effecting safety, effects quality of your product. It's most obvious with chicken. Thaw chicken under hot water and it starts turning white...because it's cooking. try this test. Take 2 properly frozen filet mignon, thaw one in the fridge and thaw the...
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  10. hchaz

    Wusthof cooks kit from the late 40s

    It's mine. I bought it years ago. There's trussing and larding needles, circle cutters, what looks to be a marzipan mold. This one sold for $56 back in 1956, according to wusthof and they offered to exchange my case for a new one so they could add it to their "archive". 128514
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  12. hchaz

    Chicken Parmigiano

    180 deg? Is cardboard. 165 is poultry. 180 is why people people don't really like chicken.
  13. hchaz

    Thawing Meats Incorrectly

    People get minor food born illness all the time and don't realize it. Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night with the sweats and worse? Then you have the people who just ate at a restaurant and state they got sick immediately after eating (wrong). The food codes are set to protect the...
  14. hchaz

    Wusthof cooks kit from the late 40s

    This is old school when being a chef was a runts job.
  15. Wusthof cooks kit from the late 40s

    Wusthof cooks kit from the late 40s

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