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  1. sylviam

    Best steak ever!

    Shout out to @boar_d_laze Was looking through some old posts this morning and found your post from 2008 on finishing steak in the oven. Usually my husband just throws the steak on the griddle. But today we followed your instructions for cooking the steak -searing it first, after marinating it...
  2. sylviam

    Dried Mushrooms

    I bought a variety of dried mushrooms, thinking I will always have some mushrooms available when I need them for a recipe. I just soaked some dried portobellos as directed on the package. I sauteed them to go with a steak but they were tough. Are dried mushrooms usually tough? Anyone any tips on...
  3. sylviam

    Seasons Greetings

    Just wanted to wish all on Cheftalk a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah or whatever holiday you celebrate. May it be all you want it to be :)
  4. sylviam

    Thought this was funny

    Hopefully this is the right place to post this. Just found this today and thought the chefs here would get a laugh out of it. It's "Things Never Said By A Head Chef" from a comedy show. Hopefully the link works.
  5. sylviam

    Can Whey be used in place of buttermilk?

    I know whey made from yogurt is acidic and it can be used in place of buttermilk. But can it be used in place of buttermilk for sweet recipes (I am planning on making some chess tarts and wondered if I can use whey instead of buttermilk) I haven't used it in dessert recipes before.
  6. sylviam

    Gelatin amount

    Can someone look at this recipe. 15g gelatin looks like a large amount for the amount of liquid. Also, I was thinking of using the leaf gelatin instead of powder, I have both Platinum and Gold leaves, would it...
  7. sylviam

    Muscovado Sugar

    Can anyone recommend a source for Dark brown Muscavado sugar other than Amazon?
  8. sylviam

    Crepe batter spreader

    I usually tilt the pan to coat with the batter when making crepes. But now I see Crepe batter spreaders, are they better than tilting the pan? I had never heard of the spreaders before.
  9. sylviam

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, whatever holiday you celebrate this time of year I hope it is the best ever for you :)
  10. sylviam

    Lavender Meringue cookies

    I wanted to try a recipe using lavender. I bought culinary "gourmet" lavender from Amazon. Found this recipe on the internet. For some reason the meringue mixture is not getting stiff peaks. I have made meringues before with no...
  11. sylviam

    Gelatin leaves

    I want to use gelatin leaves in place of powdered gelatin. I looked on the web and there is conflicting info on whether one can substitute leaf gelatin for powdered gelatin. So I thought I would ask the experts here.
  12. sylviam

    Chocolate Problem.

    Came across a problem today. When I make chocolates and drain the molds when lining them. I save the drained chocolate and I usually collect enough to melt and let go cold into a "block" so I can use it for seed chocolate when tempering (think I am explaining this right!). never had a problem...
  13. sylviam

    LoAnn oils

    I bought some LorAnn  flavouring oils for flavouring fondant for my home made chocolates. I am wondering if it is OK to add the oil directly to the tempered chocolate for flavoured solid chocolates" @Minas6907  can you help me? Not sure this was the correct place on Chef Talk to ask.
  14. sylviam

    Cherry Cordial mold?

    Anyone know a good place to get a mold to make the cherry cordial molded chocolates. I have looked online and the ones I have seen (other than paying an arm and a leg) are plastic and don't look deep enough to put a maraschino cherry in.
  15. sylviam


    I have started making molded chocolates after a long long hiatus. A friend asked me if I could make her some white chocolates. I looked at Chocosphere as I just bought some Callebaut bittersweet chocolate and some Guittard Soleil D'Or from them which arrived yesterday. (made some chocolates...
  16. sylviam

    Guess I need to intoduce myself

    I don't think I ever introduced myself before although I joined Chef Talk about a year ago. My name is Sylvia. I live in Florida with my husband of over 40 years (will be 41 in February) and our two Yorkshire Terriers. I was born in England and came to the USA when I married my husband, Bruce...
  17. sylviam

    Chandre sinsation chocolate tempering machine

    I bought this many years ago and haven't used it in many years, I just got it out (want to make chocolates for my grandchildren) but can't find the instructions. I know the company went out of business several years ago. Has anyone access to the instructions for it. I looked on the internet and...
  18. sylviam

    Invertase help

    Hi I want to make some chocolates (I haven't done molded chocolates in about 25 years!). I can't find my recipes for filling them and so thought I would use fondant. I bought a lb package of the Wilton rolled fondant, and need to make it "creamy". I remember that you can use Invertase to...
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