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  1. avanika

    French Culinary Institute

    I'm curious too. And what effects this has had on the school, since it was my dream school for whenever I do end up going!
  2. avanika

    the secrets of rotis and indian breads?

    Hey chalkdust, I'm Indian, and I stand by everything chefelle said, he/she actually explained it pretty well! Though I have to agree with one point Vittoriobravo made, that there are a LOT of variations on this, every part of the country makes it slightly different.
  3. avanika

    Pastry Schools in Paris / France

    Hey.. I can't help you, but I'd love for the link to some of those blogs. I'm trying to make my decision too, any information is extremely helpful!
  4. avanika

    None of the links to the older cookbook reviews work

    I've been trying to look up reviews of good baking books, but all the older ones are giving me some kind of system error.
  5. avanika

    Another "which school" question!

    Maybe I wasn't clear, I want to become a pastry chef. Work for a few years after school, and ultimately own my own bakery!  
  6. avanika

    Another "which school" question!

    Hey all, I know there are millions of threads out there, and I have read through most of them. However I need to ask - which school would you suggest going to? I am from India, so a local college is out of the question, I'm going to have to travel anyway. I already have my bachelor's degree in...
  7. avanika

    FINALLY!!!!!! That perfect homemade yellow cake

    So many raves for one recipe!! I registered just to say that I have this recipe noted down, I shall try it soon and give my reviews [raves] too :P :)
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