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  1. bobtheman

    grill and questions about the 'slow n sear' product

    I am looking to replace my grill. My old grill died, it was a cheap sub 100 USD no name gas. Long story short I am wanting to do some smoked ribs along with either a brisket or pork shoulder in mid november.   I am not wanting to invest a huge amount of money so I am considering purchasing a...
  2. bobtheman

    how durable are japanese stones

    I was using my new bester japanese stone 1200 on a homemade plank that ended up being to small for the container I was using it over - and I dropped the stone a few times onto the hard counter I was sharpening on. I am wondering how durable these things are? It didnt crack or break but, is it...
  3. bobtheman

    knife sharpeners near charlotte / hickory

    Does anyone here know of someone or could recommend someone who is good at sharpening knives around charlotte / hickory nc - not for hire, but for teaching?
  4. bobtheman

    question about JKI knife

    Is it just me, or is the Gesshin Kagero knife from JKI very, very similar to the Tojiro DP Gyuto line? I mean, they look almost identical.         
  5. bobtheman

    fermenting sauerkraut question about jars

    I am looking at buying some jars for making sauerkraut at home. I planned to use mason jars but read about how they arent really airtight which can cause a problem with the LAB lactic acid bacteria. So I was lead to look into fido jars, by bormioli rocco. However, i've read that while these...
  6. bobtheman

    Need help with blue cheese

    Hey, I love blue cheese - and im buying a rather large container of it from Sams Club this week to take on vacation for the purpose of stuffing a steak with it. I need a recipe or two however to use the remaining blue cheese. Any ideas or suggestions...
  7. bobtheman

    new knife on kickstarter

    Just wondering if anyone has seen this on kickstarter? It's claiming better edge retention than "stainless steel" but it doesnt say which stainless it tested against What i noticed - other knives are on the market that use ZIRCONIA that are dirt cheap. Is this some type of ceramic ? There...
  8. bobtheman

    question about coffee

    I saw this video today and am interested about the difference between a coffee with more body and clarity. Is the best way to try the two by visiting a local barista? I dont think a local shop will be able to show me the difference as they will have A machine that makes their coffee. Im guessing...
  9. bobtheman

    homemade mayo recipe

    I have never made homemade mayo but keep reading/seeing people talk about how homemade mayo has better flavor than store bought. I wanted to ask if this is generally true and worth the effort. I have a vitamix and thought it would be the right tool to try and make mayo. From my understanding...
  10. bobtheman

    Is boar no longer active

    I cant help but notice that boar appears to be no longer active here on the forums. Any idea if hes active on another forum?
  11. bobtheman

    replacing salad bowls with these, looking for a cheaper source

    I had a set of glass salad bowls that we used -- but a few broke and now im looking for something to replace them with. I ordered a 1.5 quart volrath mixing bowl to make a double broiler ... making a chocolate sauce with it and its actaully a great size for salads. I'm considering order four...
  12. bobtheman

    looking for a kimchi recipe

    I've never had kimchi, but I like cabbage, I like cooked cabbage, brussel sprouts, etc. I also like spicy food. So im looking for a decent recipe to make kimchi at home. Can anyone link me?
  13. bobtheman

    sharpening stone makeup

    I am looking at buying a bester 1200 and a rika 5000. I hear these are two good stones to start out with. My question is, how do i know what these stones are made out of? The websites that sell them dont seem to mention this .. For example, natural or synthetic. Is the abrasion material...
  14. bobtheman

    Need advice on this tool to make salsa

    Me and my family eat a lot of fresh made salsa - bought or homemade. Buying it fresh made is much easier at me moment as I am in need of this    This is the tool we used at an old resturant I worked...
  15. bobtheman

    traveling pizza dough

    I am going on a long drive and when I arrive at my destination I am wanting to cook a pizza. Is it recommended that I create my pizza dough the night before, place it inside a cooler of ice inside an air tight container and let it ride and rise all the way to my destination (6 hours)  ? I want...
  16. bobtheman

    made a new purchase, vitamix, whats your opinion?

    Ok, so I am at the stage where I am trying to get my kids to eat more veggies. Smoothies seems like a great way to do that. The problem I had was that the blender we had - a fairly new midrange ninja - just wouldnt blend it to a consistency that the kids would drink. For example, strawberry...
  17. bobtheman

    chef knife to cut pizza

    I cooked a homemade pizza today - made the dough, shredded the cheese, etc.  It was awesome. My problem and question is - my pizza cutter broke so I used my tojiro dp chef knife to cut the pizza into slices. I know this isnt its intended use and I will replace the pizza cutter but should I be...
  18. bobtheman

    suggestions on new paring knife

    I'm a novice home cook who just got into buying some new knives. My first real knife purchase was the tojiro dp gyuto which is great. This knife is huge however. I have a small vic paring knife (cheap) but it just wont hold an edge that long and I havent invested in a good set of sharpening...
  19. bobtheman

    looking for a bakery that ships

    can anyone recommend a bakery that will ship chocalate chip cookies in the US? I have a family members birthday coming up and I dont have time to make them myself. He likes a soft, chewy cookie.
  20. bobtheman

    knife left on burner

    Well, my new tojiro chef knife was left on an on burner for about five minutes. Luckily it wasnt damaged. I would have thought that the plastic/resin whatever handle would have melted, but it didnt.
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