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  1. chefa1a

    The use of the title Chef

    an old boss years back told me: it takes all your life to learn how to cook and 15 minutes to become a chef (basically a job interview) anyone can hold the title , whether they are slinging buffalo wings in their small make shift kitchen in a pub, pureeing soup and entrees for people in a...
  2. chefa1a

    Carbonara SOS

    for a pound of pasta saute about a quarter cup of pancetta or bacon in a large skillet until it render off the fat and starts to crisp add some fresh ground pepper and 2 minced shallots or half a red onion cook a few minutes more and deglaze with 1/2 cup white wine, add a small amount of...
  3. chefa1a

    Question:Pizza & Grill

    expect to work alot but if are not in the business you should get a job to get experience as far as keeping the recipe from employees you can do a premix of ingredients (like sugar, salt yeast already weighed out in plastic bags for the pizza dough and maybee the spice mix for the pizza...
  4. chefa1a

    food pairing...

    those are pretty heavy flavored apps and a progression should be light to heavy but being on a budget you cant pull out much more bells and whistles try some value cuts like flat iron steak or terres major chicken was mentioned................ pork loin or tenderloin is reasonable and...
  5. chefa1a

    Tapioca Pearls

    any one doing anything with tapioca pearls???? I saw keller use it years ago and didnt want to jump on that trend but now seeing more and more pop up I have done a few calcium chloride-sodium alginate pearls but alot of labor just for a wow garnish ( its great if you have a tasting menu)...
  6. chefa1a

    5 course demo

    try making dessert tapas even a few petit fours using a sponge cake you could make a few variations tiramisu, layered with citrus butter cream, choco mouse maybe a few mini strudels, nice when they see you can work with puff or filo dough, a few dessert wontons or empanadas with cream...
  7. chefa1a

    Egg Nog inspired holiday recipes

    trying to get in the holiday mode I have been trying out a few new variations egg nog recipes regards chef chris
  8. chefa1a

    Cutting Corners

    its something that happens in this buisness I think some happens because of marketing ploys chilean sea bass isnt a bass most sushi restaurants use tilapia instead of snapper but its a matter of ethics if your misleading the customers Some Italian restaurants use pork tenderloin instead...
  9. chefa1a

    Writing a cookbook

    unless your a superstar chef, most publishers wont touch new cookbooks and color pictures sell cookbooks look into on demand publishers I am working with one and it is reasonable if you have it ready and are computer savy to save formating charges there is a bunch look into this one book...
  10. chefa1a

    Naked Sushi

    just did my first "Naked Sushi " event well pretty well, good turnout, DJ and overall fun night except the girls complained the wasabi and sriracha burned their skin heres the first batch of pix Online Photo Filer Gallery FilmStrip
  11. chefa1a

    200 menus / 2000 Recipes for sale

    ebay is always an option but i was considering selling invoice and food cost collections and recipes archives by going to food shows and selling them there you can print them on demand at best of luck
  12. chefa1a

    What are true chef

    it takes all your life to learn how to cook and 15 minutes to become a chef a job interview i think a good chef should love to cook and put out good food and train and inspire his staff to do the same after that a good chef should be conscious of his food and labor costs after a while it...
  13. chefa1a


    thats a double edged sword just to follow trends for the sake of it isnt always smart if the customers dont go for it your not making money I havent even seen any practical dishes in art culinaire they have just been way out there and its great for show pieces or to show your technical...
  14. chefa1a

    Chefs Responsibility

    you know what someone told me a long time ago?? it takes all your life to learn how to cook and master it and 15 minutes to become a chef ( a job interview and title) I try and educate people and share what I can, but hard work and sweat is the only way to really succeed in this buisness
  15. chefa1a

    Need Help Opening a New Restaurant has some free stuff others you can sign up and buy also helpful kitchen and foh stuff a fool and his money will soon be parted
  16. chefa1a

    Please answer some questions for me.

    1st. What is your name? Chris Albano 2nd. What is your job title? Chef 3rd. How long have you been working in the culinary field? 19 years 4th. How did you get to the job that you have? long hours and determenation 5th. How hard would you say it is to be a successful culinary worker? It...
  17. chefa1a

    Need help from Chefs please!!!

    Apprentice-ship is a tough deal especially depending on your pay scale my friend went to france said he was plucking chickens, scaling fish and peeling potatoes for free for a month before he got to "stag" on the line work as long as you can at your place for a good reference and find...
  18. chefa1a

    e tools for the Modern Chef

    going through some of my templates and wonder if I need any new stuff what do you think chefs need today computerwise examples Mastercook software ms word templates with menus and special sheets excel inventories, spread sheets, preplists, menu costing training guides, opening and closing...
  19. chefa1a

    Winter Menus

    been doing at least two braises (osso buccos and such) a night and a roast (prime rib) *Chilled Calamari Seviche *Chicken Satay with Chai Peach Chutney *Grilled Pineapple Topped with Honey-Teriyaki Marinated New York Strip *Fresh Mozzarella and Syrah Marinated Beefsteak Tomatoes and Local...
  20. chefa1a

    what would you want to learn?

    is it for pro cooks or house-hold cooks?? cheesemaking is always a favorite, making ricotta and mozzarella is pretty easy most cooks on these bulletin boards are always asking about food costs and such, maybe a foundation on costing and spreadsheets. Its not just about cooking when you work...
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