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  1. sarahconstw

    langues de chat

    Hi!  I just tried out a langues de chat recipe ( and I followed the recipe completely. And it ended up tasting rather chalky. Is it supposed to taste like that? I have never tasted this biscuit before so I have no idea.  Thank you! 
  2. sarahconstw

    How To Fix Soft Runny Cream For Tiramisu

    Hi everyone! I'm thinking of making a tiramisu - my grandma's favourite dessert for her birthday on sunday :)  I've previously made one but the cream came out rather too soft unfortunately. Even after chilling it for a day!!  I used this recipe (I think it came from FN)  6 egg yolks ¾ cup...
  3. sarahconstw

    chocolate nemesis I recently came across this recipe on the blog and I was so mesmerised by this cake I had to give it a go. But when I made it, it failed.... completely. It refused to bake. I left it in the oven for hours, doing exactly as...
  4. sarahconstw

    Rugelach cookies

    I've previously made a batch of rugelach cookies using this recipe  227g cream cheese @rtp   ¾ cup butter @rtp 2 cups plain flour ¼ cup white sugar ¼ cup brown sugar ¼ tsp salt 1 ½ tsp cinnamon ½ cup strawberry jam ¼ cup apricot jam/marmalade ½  cup raisins, soaked in juice overnight...
  5. sarahconstw

    lemon butter sauce

    Hi, I made lemon butter sauce using this recipe a while back but it turned out disgustingly sour. I attempted to add sugar & soy sauce but to no avail :( what should I do? 
  6. sarahconstw

    Sticky & wet bread dough

    Hi, may I know why my bread dough is always so sticky? Unlike what is shown in the pictures or described in the recipes... I've tried both these recipes
  7. sarahconstw

    angel food cake

    Hi everyone! I recently made an angel food cake using this recipe not too sure if there was something wrong with my method or anything cause it had such great reviews. Perhaps I may have overbeaten the egg whites? I'm...
  8. sarahconstw

    white chocolate mud cake

    Hi, has anyone tried making nigella lawson’s white choc mud cake? It seems to have very little chocolate and I was wondering what I could do to make it more chocolatey since there’s no white cocoa powder or anything…
  9. sarahconstw

    caaramel apple pie cookies

    Hi, has anyone tried making caramel apple pie cookies before? I was thinking of trying out this recipe but I'm not sure if it'll turn out...
  10. sarahconstw


    Hi, does anyone have a good madeleine recipe? I've tried so many but most of them haven't turned out and I have no idea why.. I'm trying to replicate those from the delifrance bakery in my country. They taste like a rather light butter cake haha though I'm not sure if that's what they taste like...
  11. sarahconstw

    Japanese cheesecake

    Hi, I've recently been trying to make a japanese cheesecake, otherwise known as a souffle cheesecake but the bottom keeps turning out hard and dense though the rest of the cake is alright. Does anyone know why? I used this recipe Ingredients list Yellow Team 250g Philadelphia cream cheese (1...
  12. sarahconstw

    Fruit cake

    Hi, does anyone have a good fruit cake recipe? I previously used this recipe but I felt that it was too light and fluffy, not moist, dense or rich enough.. Fruit cake ¾ cup raisins, soaked in juice overnight 3/4 cup Cranberries, apricots, currants, soaked in juice overnight ¾ cup brown sugar...
  13. sarahconstw

    Uncooked cake

    Whenever I bake my cakes the top always browns too fast and the bottom is left very sticky or uncooked. Does anyone know why? My temperature is set correctly too but perhaps my oven is still too hot. Or is it because all the granulated sugar sinks to the bottom. Did I overbeat my butter and...
  14. sarahconstw

    chocolate praline dacquoise cake

    Hi, I've been trying to research how to make a chocolate layer cake filled with a dacquoise layer, chocolate mousse, chocolate ganache and praline crunch. Does anyone have any tips on making this? I heard its a rather tough french dessert to master but I really wanna make it for my parents...
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