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  1. santona 1937

    sw france position open

     so....   have finally found a job  that is not a half baked idea in someones head:)  small gastropub not far from carcassonne/ limoux in sw france. am looking for a good cook to work in what is currently a 2 person brigade. the  restaurant has plans to expand next year and the brigade will...
  2. santona 1937

    South Of France for the Winter?

     We  are starting to put  our winter season staff together, and are looking for applications for kitchen crew.  So... if you have some kitchen experience, and want to work in the South of France for the Winter, drop me a line. US.  Situated in a 900 year old ex monastary,  Our main clientele...
  3. santona 1937

    Sous vide in restaurant kitchens

     as mentioned on another thread I thought would start a thread on Sous Vide.  Iput it here as it is much less about cooking, than about a commercial kitchen developing sous vide techniques.  first off; an immersion circulator is more efficient than a water bath, but most places- mine included-...
  4. santona 1937


     been on here a little while, but thought should do the formal thing;  Nic, exec/ head chef in Narbonne, France.  We are just about to open.  900 year old ex monastery that  is being restored and turned into a residential training facility for Olympic level athletes, as well as a tourist...
  5. santona 1937


     Hello there chef Talk.  I am  Head/ Executive Chef of a new opening hotel with a brigade of 25 or so down here in the southern Languedoc region of France,  which for the non-geographically inclined is   in the SW Mediterranean.  We cater for primarily Olympic athletes who use our training...
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