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  1. onepiece

    Opinion on Lamson knives? Also; refinishing wood handles?

    I picked up a Lamson knife from a yard sale recently.  It appears to have gone through hell, but appears to be a decent knife from a decent company.  Wood handle, 8", Chef knife. Heavy as hell, and probably German steel from what I've read. It has no bolster; which I like, but seems odd...
  2. onepiece

    Help with a knife decision.

    So I thought I'd pick up a Japanese knife about 8 months ago, and I was pretty much decided on a Tojiro $80 or so knife. Ended up putting the spare cash to an investment elsewhere and I'm finally prepping on actually purchasing a new knife, or at least I think I am. I ended up picking up a 7"...
  3. onepiece

    Apple Cider! Experience and advice?

    So I've had some interest in brewing, and I recently did a batch of Apple Cider. Although a long process and a pain with cheesecloth, I'm going to do a second batch soon. I had some interest in how exactly one goes about producing hard cider.  My search didn't yield much info. From my...
  4. onepiece

    Cooking a Steak [No Grill]

    So a relative picked up some Rib-eyes and a few other cuts of meat for dinner tonight,  and I wondered what the best way to cook a steak is.  I know that "best" is probably subjective,  so bear with me. I'd prefer Cast Iron for this, but all I got at the moment is some Stainless and a Teflon...
  5. onepiece

    Potato Types and Uses

    I've always used a large amount of potatoes, but to my recollection they were always Idaho potatoes.  Well I became interested in the other 2 main types of potatoes (Red and Yellow). I wanted to see what this place thinks/knows what are the best uses for each potato type, and why.
  6. onepiece

    Questions on technique and food waste

    I have some questions on the "proper" techniques for cutting food items.   The main food item I cut is onions and potatoes, but I pretty much never use "proper" techniques for cutting the potatoes.   I am assuming this is the standard for proper cuts: ! Now that seems to produce a lot of...
  7. onepiece

    What is the difference between these two knives? I noticed Cutlery and More shows English written on the blade, and CHefKnivesToGo has Japanese written on the blade. Is there any difference besides that?  I am leaning towards...
  8. onepiece

    Some Sushi I rolled! Pictures inside of course

    Finally was able to roll some Sushi properly!  Almost all my previous attempts failed due to various mistakes on my part, but last night I made multiple rolls with very few faulty pieces.  Some aren't as big as the others mainly because of my knife being so dull, so I hope to improve on them...
  9. onepiece

    Looking to replace my previous stone. Also wondered about a Steel

     I have a Victorinox Forschner 8" Chef's Knife, and was previously using this stone for sharpening: I no longer own the stone due to moving to a new location, and was looking for something to...
  10. onepiece

    London Broil? Need advice as soon as possible

    I haven't been on here in quite a while due to moving and other reasons, but I am finally getting settled in and wanted to come back here.  So I have a London Broil (I understand that is actually a way to cook the meat, and not the actual name) and it will be cooked later this evening.  It has...
  11. onepiece

    I have a couple of questions

    I have recently got a set of FarberWare knives given to me by my aunt, and also was going to sharpen some Chicago Cutlery knives, and I ran into issues.  I can sharpen my Forschner/Victro Chef's knife just fine on the stone, but the others don't seem to do so well. My usual Chef's Knife can get...
  12. onepiece

    Is this able to be done?

    I have a Lodge Cast Iron 8" seasoned pan, and I am really liking it. I hear you are not able to use soap on them, is that right? Anyways, the reason I created this thread, is I would like to know if it is possible to cook scrambled eggs, over easy eggs, or even sunny side up eggs in a cast...
  13. onepiece

    Anyone eat/serve Tofu?

    I am not a vegetarian, but I am interested in Tofu. I wanted to know if anyone here eats it or prepares it, and if so, how?
  14. onepiece

    Any griddles or pans that are similiar to a grill?

    Well, where I live, my family has an electric stove (I know, Gas would be best), but what is the best type of pan or griddle for cooking BBQ style Steak and Chicken?  I can imagine eventually buying an actual grill, but for indoor stove uses, what is there anything that is a half decent substitute? 
  15. onepiece

    Switching to Fresh vegetables?

    I know this sounds odd, but I am confused on what has to be done for some veggies to be considered cooked.  Coming from the stand point of always using frozen veggies, tossing them in a saute pan, and cooking them at a medium to high temperature, I am sort of lost.  Is there a good source on how...
  16. onepiece

    Cold Noodle Recipes for the summer?

    Know of any good cold noodle recipes.  The only one I really know of is Tuna Noodle, so I would love to know a couple more because a hot dish just isn't that great during a 85+ day.     Would appreciate info given. 
  17. onepiece

    Egg Nog: Separating the Whites before hand? Separating the Egg whites from the yolk, and then putting them back together, why? I understand the idea of beating and egg white till it forms peaks, but without a standing/hand mixer, there is no point right? Also, if...
  18. onepiece

    T-Fal? Calphalon? Which are better?

    Well, I am wanting to eventually purchase a medium size non stick skillet for pancakes, eggs and omelets I am also looking into a Stainless Steel Saute Pan.  My price range is pretty low, so $40 and under for the Saute pan would be best.
  19. onepiece


    What items are best during breakfast? I enjoy French Toast and eggs.  What are some of the most visually appealing breakfast?
  20. onepiece

    Is the art of cooking dying?

    I walk into my Walmart, and I see Chunky Soup, Spices in pre measured packages, fast food places in the walmart, and one of the worst things I have seen in a while, a plastic container containing pre diced onions.  Seriously!?!?!  The onions are even pre sliced now.  I feel that a decent soup is...
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