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  1. wheresthegrub

    Have we hit bottom yet?

    Wow, sure is wild out there. I am seeing houses in my area sell for pre 1990's prices. Buyers are buying them up (with multiple offers). Yet, the reports I read say there are still high number of home owners going into foreclosure (at least thousands).:cry: Bringing more foreclosures into...
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    :bounce::bounce:How come nobody makes friends in the "profile" section?:bounce::bounce:
  3. wheresthegrub

    Shhhh! secret meeting (website owner keep out!)

    (whispering) Ok, this is a secret meeting. Don't let the owners of the site know we are chatting, k? Mods, don't say nothing! It is almost near and we really didn't have time to get together and think what we were gonna be getting the owners of this site for Christmas. I say we all chip in...
  4. wheresthegrub


    Bless my grandma; born in the Ukraine, immigrated to Brasil. She made a butt kicking babka (like in the old country). The family RAVED for it. In my young years remembering its taste, but not fully appreciating its goodness.:roll: She made it from memory, "since I was a little girl helping my...
  5. wheresthegrub

    Symptoms of Inner Peace

    I need to work on a few of these... If ya like these, please copy and pass on. :lol:Symptoms of Inner Peace:lol: A tendency to think and act spontaneously rather than from fears based on past experiences. :roll: An unmistakable ability to enjoy each moment. :lol: A loss of interest in...
  6. wheresthegrub

    Price of Gas in your area

    It is amusing at how excitedly happy people are that the price of gas dropped to $2.49 in our area ( at the highest, it was somewhere around $4 something). "isn't gas cheap?" is what I hear... like everyone forgot that it used to be waaay less expensive. When I see it somewhere around $1.99...
  7. wheresthegrub

    What the heck is in my fridge???

    Howdy folks! I try to keep a clean kitchen. Given my past occupation as a pest control tech in my younger years, and my stint as a pizzaria owner dealing with the health department; I have high standards for my cooking environment. No bugs. period. I cannot have one fly, flying around that I...
  8. wheresthegrub

    What up, Dudes?

    Howdie from Sunny So. Cal. Found this great website a few days ago and decided to hop on board. I am dad to three wonderful kidlets, of whom I am raising to be hard core foodies. 99.99% of what goes in thier cute little pie-holes comes from either mine or my wifes hands. Not that I frown on...
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