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  1. azfireball56

    question on ice cream and la lechera

    I have found caramel is hard to freeze due to its high sugar content. I made some caramel using the method of slow heating a can of sweetened condensed milk. Tried to roll it into small balls to freeze and cover with chocolate. When I put the balls of caramel in the freezer they never got...
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    Lid corrosion after preserving lemons

    If you are apprehensive about using these rings, place a layer of plastic wrap over the lid portion before you apply the ring portion. That should eliminate any problem the corrosion might cause to the food contained in the jar.
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    Battered Fish Advice

    I don’t know about fish but, when I want a batter or crumbs to stick to something, like chicken or pork, I apply a layer of corn starch first. This can be done by dredging the moist item directly in corn starch powder or applying a solution of water and corn starch with a brush or by dipping...
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    Sarku Japan: Chicken Teriyaki?

    Used the recipe provided by Sargon back on 8/7/09. With some mods in procedures, here’s what I got.(See images) I did SousVide at 150 F for 3 hours after the marinade, then browned the chicken on a charcoal grill with some wood smoke. Brushed on the Brown Sauce while grilling, and at the...
  5. Sarku Japan: Chicken Teriyaki?

    Sarku Japan: Chicken Teriyaki?

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    Old pastry called "Chop Suey"

    panini: Thanks for a wonderful story!
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    My Inexpensive Sous Vide

    I thought I would show my simplistic set-up for home Sous Vide. As can be seen in the images I use a large pot to hold the water, a cheap digital thermometer and a clamp. The pot is heated using one burner of a two burner hot plate with infinitely variable temperature settings. The temp. is...
  12. IMy nexpensive Sous Vide

    IMy nexpensive Sous Vide

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    Who I am..

    LAUREN: Are there any videos available showing how you manufacture your Fillo?
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    Old pastry called "Chop Suey"

    Does anyone have a picture of these? I would like to see what they look like. Is it a common practice to 're-purpose' leftover bakery goods? (That is, use them as the basic ingredient in making a different bakery item.) Is this safe?  I note two of the grocery chains here in Phoenix do this...
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    Please help me identify the dishes in these recipes

    Wow!  Chocolate on  chocolate ! That sounds good! 
  20. azfireball56

    Please help me identify the dishes in these recipes

    Adding nuts/coconut is a great idea! Thanks. 
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