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  1. chefdwilliams

    I don't want to be called Chef she sais....

    Early in my career it was my front and back of house that called me chef. What i am trying to say is other then an actual certification like ACF, there isn't a chef title. it usually come with time served putting in your dues and what people consider you. To me ANYONE call call themselves a...
  2. chefdwilliams

    I don't want to be called Chef she sais....

    If a person runs a kitchen but doesn't cook at all, to me that is a kitchen manager... 
  3. chefdwilliams

    I don't want to be called Chef she sais....

    school, no school, to me the title "chef" is something other people give you. If you and the other cooks respect her and the work she does, then call her chef. I went to school with some cooks that I  wouldn't call "chef' ever, plus I had line cooks with no school experience that I called chef...
  4. chefdwilliams

    Why did you become a chef?

    Where in germany? I spend a lot of time working there for an Athelete. also work a lot in Going Austria. 1.5 hours from Munich. really have enjoyed Germany over the last 12 years
  5. chefdwilliams

    Why did you become a chef?

    I will never forget the first time I worked in a restaurant. I was 14 years old. My neighbor at the time was a manager for the famous "Gladstones for fish" in Malibu. The dishwasher had not been showing up and the manager came over and asked if I could help. Assured my mom I would be safe and...
  6. chefdwilliams

    Floor Mats

    I owned 3 places for a touch over 20 years... Old school was the mats with the holes... horrible.... you can never really get them clean. Health dept in Los Angeles now cracked down on cleaning them outside. Must be cleaned in the dishwasher.. have to wash 1/2 at a time since to big. I went to...
  7. chefdwilliams

    How do you clean your chef jacket?

    I have always used tide and add clorox for colors (so I don't ruin my embroidery). If I have something really bad, Ill hit it will a bleach stick first and rub that in.  This seems to work for me. I have heard OXY CLEAN works well. As a private chef now (no more owning my place THANK GOD) don't...
  8. chefdwilliams

    Chicken stock comparison

    I agree with French Fries. The stock on the left looks very very GREEN for a traditional chic stock simmered on the stove. I guess I'm old school. My stocks are cooked stove top. I also don't throw in every scrap in the kitchen like some chefs do. I feel its extremely important that your stocks...
  9. chefdwilliams

    Young chefstudent in doubt about carrer

    Thank you Mimi 
  10. chefdwilliams

    How do restaurants hold long cooked food?

    5 days.. but 2-3 if you want it to still have decent quality. Example. Cooked chicken breast. 2-3 days reheat and serve.. 3-5 day, cut it up and turn it into something else
  11. chefdwilliams

    Chef/Owner Partnership

    How you decide % is up to the 3 of you.. however.. If they are not working in the place and you are, Who has final say on things? is the 3rd guy a silent partners? is everyone equal? There are very serious things to think about. I was a chef owner of 3 restaurants for a little over 20 years. My...
  12. chefdwilliams

    Young chefstudent in doubt about carrer

    I have been working since I was 18 in restaurants.... OMG thats 33 years now. I have been a chef 27 of those 33 years..... Was a chef/owner of 3 cafes for 22 years and  now a private chef for a high profile athlete (12 years)........I have said to myself "F this job" at least 3-4 times a year...
  13. chefdwilliams

    Tonight's Dinner

    Great question. If I have to spend more then 5 minutes making something, I just won't do it. LOL. When my wife says she is married to a chef, people always say "OMG I wish I was. I bet you get incredible meals"... My wife just laughs. She says 'Yes I do", but she doesn't... LOL . Only time I...
  14. chefdwilliams


    Thats a hard question. Like others said, if you are making sushi and its an italian restaurant, thats not going to work.However, if its an italian place and you are making french food, I think thats fine. Grilling is grilling, sauté is sauté.  Usually a chef will give guide lines on what they...
  15. chefdwilliams

    New Line Cook! Recipe Memory Tips

    Carry a little memo book. write notes as often as possible, Like, how mise en place is set up (make a map if you have to). What drives the chef crazy (so you don't do it), how to set up and break down stations, anything and everything.. write it down. Also, at the end of your shift, write down...
  16. chefdwilliams

    Am I being selfish?

    Could not agree more. You don't owe them anything. I am a firm believer in you teach people how to treat you. They treated you very poorly in not being honest about there plans, I would give it right back. If those truly are your recipes, they have no rights to them at all. If they had recipes...
  17. chefdwilliams

    Chef de cuisine vs executive chef?

    EXACTLY..... these "titles" are great if you work hotels, resorts, cruise ships etc. small independent restaurants don't care about the title. When I owned places I hired off of experience, not a paper title that is really based off of hours worked. Just FYI... its not CIA its ACF. American...
  18. chefdwilliams

    Chef de cuisine vs executive chef?

    Chef de Cuisine pushes the pans around Executive chef usually just pushes the pen around usually you see titles like this in Hotels, resorts or multi unit restaurants where there needs to be a clear chain of command. Kind of like chef and sous chef
  19. chefdwilliams

    HELP!!! What's this?

    maybe some king of mold. To freeze ice cream or make cold molds to fill the center?. need to see more pics of it.  Is it double thick sides? put liquid into the sides to cool things? Based on your pic, Im thinking some kind of freezer or cooler mold
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