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  1. mike9

    I don't like eating out.

    We don't go out much either and if I want a burger at the local brew I bring my own bun. My doctor asked me how I've lost so much weight the past year and I reminded him that I'm allergic to 90% of the food on the shelves at the store. It's hard asking a waitress what has soy in it and what...
  2. mike9

    What did you have for dinner?

    Sunday I minced up the leftover ribeye and made tomato sauce with it - really tasty. Hot yesterday so a nice cool shrimp cocktail with a fresh corn and pepper sautee with garlic and shallot. I made a fumet with the shells, parsley, garlic, a little onion, white wine, water and added some...
  3. mike9

    What did you have for dinner?

    Oh crap!!! I just realized I'll never enjoy Cassoulet again now that I'm allergic to legumes (beans). That's a major bummer -
  4. mike9

    What's a good way to cook a lamb leg?

    I do mine Greek style. I usually take off the shank and save that for a slow braise. At this point you can butterfly it and remove the gland then roll and tie, or just roast it whole. (it might be a little gamey with the gland in) Salt and pepper then cut slits and insert garlic slices and...
  5. mike9

    JULY 2021 CHALLENGE: Vintage American recipes!

    Last night I sous vide a 1" thick ribeye @ 129f for an hour then finished on hot wood coals. It's the perfect way to do a piece of meat like this justice. I had a cooked ear of corn leftover, some hash browns, red and jalapeno pepper for a nice sauteed side medley. That bone is my lunch...
  6. mike9

    What are your biggest cooking mistakes that others can learn from?

    I've done the salt/sugar thing, the red pepper/paprika thing, the baking power/baking soda thing - I read labels now. One thing I've never done is burn a roux. My grandmother did once and the house stunk of burnt flower for a week. Also a wise chef once told me - "always pee before you...
  7. mike9

    What did you have for dinner?

    Another rainy day today - yesterday was the first time we've seen the sun in a week!!! So it was a perfect day to go back in time and have dinner at "The Five and Dime". Hearty tomato soup, a grilled cheeses sandwich, chips, pickle and a glass of Coke.
  8. mike9

    New knives recommendation

    If they were Masamoto KS they are getting hard to come by. Goko makes a really nice gyuto in stainless clad white #1 with a pear skin finish. I have one and are very nice for the price.
  9. mike9

    What did you have for dinner?

    Last night I made oven fried eggplant with a garden tomato sauce with minced onion, garlic, parsley, some shredded leftover grilled pork and minced leftover sausage. I love making eggplant this way - it's really crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside. Tonight I was thinking about...
  10. mike9

    Is pasta healthy food?

    For an even healthier substitute when I make lasagna I substitute eggplant slices for pasta. Salt, paper towels, dry a little in the oven then build you lasagna. I encourage all y'all to try it.
  11. mike9

    Is pasta healthy food?

    If concerned about the foods you love consider reading both the glycemic index and the glycemic load charts. The numbers are different on each for instance watermelon is high on the index, but low on the load so do...
  12. mike9

    JULY 2021 CHALLENGE: Vintage American recipes!

    It's chilly today and rainy again so I thought I'd fire up the oven and make PIZZA. In particular a Shields style pizza from Detroit my home town. There were two "square" pizza joints back in the day. The original was Buddy's who makes square pies in blue steel pans. It's not quite "deep...
  13. mike9

    June 2021 cooking theme/challenge: flour!

    Congrats @slayertplsko -
  14. mike9

    Steak at a restaurant - OMG

    For flavor Sirloin is my choice - good balance between flavor and tender + 3/4ths the price of a tenderloin (which has less flavor IMO)
  15. mike9

    Fried liver

    When I cook venison liver I trim the membrane off then soak in milk (buttermilk if I have some) and a dash of hot sauce. Book bacon, season and dredge your liver slices 3/8" is perfect. Dredge in seasoned flour and let it rest on a wire rack. Then I fry it in the drippings till just done and...
  16. mike9

    What did you have for dinner?

    Spent the afternoon creek side where the canopy is thick and it's always 10 degrees cooler. I didn't feel like fancy, or building a fire so I did a sirloin and russet on my son's gas grill. This was a really good tasting piece of beef and one of my favorite cuts.
  17. mike9

    What did you have for dinner?

    Made my last batch of garlic scape pesto yesterday. I thawed some ground wagyu and made Oklahoma onion burgers with pesto and provolone on potato roll. 3oz smash patties, season, onions on top, flip on went the pesto and provolone. These were really rich tasting and I could barely finish it...
  18. mike9

    Sorry, noob question

    And many of us are busy doing "other" things . . . like partying.
  19. mike9

    What did you have for dinner?

    Tired yesterday so a grilled Canadian bacon, tomato and 4yr.a aged cheddar sandwich was about all I could muster. God I hate yard sales . . .
  20. mike9

    Tzatziki Sauce Cucumber Substitute

    Cucumbers don't like me (pickles I fine with) so I have to "milk" the cucumber then peel and seed. After that I'm fine. To "milk" a cucumber cut off one end and rub it on the cucumber till the froth stops coming out then repeat on the other end. It's like disarming a bomb.
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