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    Octopus ??

    I enjoy eating octopus does anyone have some good instruction, how to make tender Octopus. I have boiled it and steamed it, I have had decent results, but I have noticed when I have eaten at restaurants it more tender. I was thinking possibly to pressure-cook it but don't know how to Gage time...
  2. surfcast

    ICE Recreational - Institute of Culinary Education NYC

    Has anyone graduated, from the above mentioned culinary school? Did you think it was a good move, would you repeat it again ? Do you think you would be able, to handle a restaurant of say 100 seating capacity? As a chef owner, with obviously hired help. Or do you think? that would be too...
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    Gnocchi Potato VS flour ?

    Does any one have a starting ratio, on making Gnocchi ? Like 1 LBS Potatoes = 1 egg yolk = 3/4 cup AP Flour . Or even what is your minimal starting amount, for 1 LBS of Potato = 1/2 Cup Starting , and see were it goes ? BTW What type of flour do you prefer ?
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    Mozzarella cheese

    Tried to make or own Mozzarella cheese, from whole milk . Result was terrible , very hard and rubbery . Does any one have a good video, I can follow ?
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    Pasta dough ?

    I will be making pasta tomorrow, I am a beginner ? Once your ingredients are incorporated, how long do you need your dough ? Some say 3 minutes some say 8 and some say 10 no straight answers. What ratio of flour to eggs, do you like to use ? Some say 1 cup of flour, per 1 large egg . Some say...
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    ?? Aluminum VS Cast Iron

    Wanted to buy a Dutch oven, I have a cast iron Lodge. But it is quite heavy , is the aluminum much different in terms of results?
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    salt cure pork

    Could any one recommend a good book , on salt curing pork . I always wanted to try it , most interested in prosciutto and capicola .
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    tomato sauce acidity

    When making tomato sauce, how could you eliminate acidity ? I have heard about adding vinegar, which I don't believe . That sounds like adding more acidity , also some say minute amounts of sugar brown or white . Any Ideas would be great . Also how can you thicken sauce, out side of reduction ?
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    How to use Flour as a thickening agent ?

    I have only used flour as a thickening agent, in Roux I cook it with whole butter . I believe it should be done with clarified butter , but both work well . I have observed in some written recipes , they say to introduce the Flour right in to the dish. Which for me is some thing new, tried it...
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    Wine In your recipe ??

    As we all now, wine is common in allot of cooking . I see some putting wine ,directly into cooking liquid . I never did it that way , I was always under the impression, that wine had to be added to a hot pan . And be reduced buy half or more ,or the dish would taste like just that ,wine ! The...
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    Were can I get artichoke hearts, either fresh or frozen. Would like to use for grilling cold salad appetizers.
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    Salt ?????

    Just curious why do most recipes , call for Kosher salt ? I remember say a decade ago, not so popular, why such a move away from the Iodized salt ? When I was a youngster , there was no call for course salt . Now it is like a staple, in every cooking show ,and written recipe !
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    Pizza Rustica Help ME

    I am trying to recreate a dish, my grandmother use to make on the Christmas Holidays. Unfortunately, I was old enough to eat and love it, but not learn how to do it . I have a good Idea of the ingredients ,and have a good plan of attack . Essentially it was a pizza rustica , the filling was not...
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    Vac Sealer ?

    Can any one mention your favorite , Vacuum Sealer . I have a food saver , and don't like it ! The bags loose Vacuum soon after being done , often it does not seal the bags completely .
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    Garlic ??

    How do you like to sauté your garlic ? Do you let your oil reach temperature, before adding it in. Or do you combine your oil and garlic in the pan cold, and let it reach temperature ? Or does not make any difference either way ?
  16. surfcast

    Fresh Pasta ??

    After you have your ingredients incorporated, how long do you knead your dough ?? Some say until it is smooth and elastic and stop . Than I saw another method , it said knead the dough eight minutes, to build gluten. The test is to put a thumb indent into the dough and if it bounces back its...
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    Cast Iron pan sticking

    I have a large cast iron pan, I used it to brown some ground pork for thanks giving meal. Bad sticking had to change to another pot . Is there a good way to strip and re season ?
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    Induction Cook top

    Was looking at this product, I want to us it out side for frying and braising . Thing like veal shanks ,tender loin, short ribs . Any one have experience, do you thing it has that type of power ? Or not a good Idea , or is there another that could ?
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    Mandoline ?

    Could any one mention a good mandolin ?  Would like some thing SS and well maid ?
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    Chiken Stock

    When making fresh chicken stock ,is a good idea to remove all skin from the chicken ? Prior to cooking, or do you lose flavor ?? I know you have skim all of it out, as it raise's to the top. Just thinking, it can save some work.
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