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  1. foodieforlife36

    Pressure Cooker?

    Hello all! I am pretty new to the thread (and cooking in general honestly) so i was hoping you guys could help me out!  Im in the market for a pressure cooker (I've never had one) so I'm hoping to get one thats long lasting and pretty simple to use! I'm not sure what exactly to look for in one...
  2. foodieforlife36

    Chocolate and Wine pairing

    Ugh this would be my favorite thread! 
  3. foodieforlife36

    Stones, knife, board, things...

    Generally i get a lot of things from amazon, the reviews are trustworthy and if you happen to have amazon prime you get free 2 day shipping    The cooking supplies they have are literally endless ( i probably spend way to much time on there ) but this is the knife I'm currently using...
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