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  1. fiveiron

    Pasta Crisis

    Why not get some of those great Florida bay scallops, serve with the pasta (hopefully its fresh pasta). Make a cream sauce with a hint of key lime, or lemon. Add some cilantro or basil. But the exact sauce would be for to your liking to figure out. This is just a starting point for ideas.
  2. fiveiron

    Another Challenge!

    Red-Pepper Sabayon. Taste is great if done right
  3. fiveiron

    Meatloaf: Bread crumbs and Crust

    Not sure if you are doing this but….using stuff with high (or mostly) sugar like honey, molasses, etc will caramelize on the outside at about 320 degrees I think. Mix with the ketchup it will help it stick to the meat as well. I cover my meat loaf with a mixture of honey, ketchup, mustard, lea...
  4. fiveiron

    Icing - Which way do you go?

    Homemade. Plus I like a light amount on the cake, etc. There is always too much icing on cakes in my opinion.
  5. fiveiron

    best brand of knives

    I agree with that. Maybe instead of saying “buy them”, I should have said “try them”. Some of the GF knives may not work with folks with smaller hands also. The GF have larger handles than normal. Or at least I think so. I forget that being 6’1” and 250 I can pick anything up. So now I say...
  6. fiveiron

    Beware: Counterfeit Globals

    Ebay can be great or SUCK. I have bought some great stuff, everything from expensive work stations (computer stuff in this case) to global knives. The first set of knives I bought where complete global forgeries. I could tell because the grind on the knife was off. It was more like a German...
  7. fiveiron

    best brand of knives

    Global forged knives (the GF line) are fantastic. The balance I awesome. I can chop garlic (more like slicing) real fast with the 8 1/4” chefs knives because the balance is so good. The grind on the blade is perfect. The forged line is slightly heavier. Here is what I own Global Forged Chef...
  8. fiveiron

    Food science/ duck disaster/ mush

    I am either going to do that (boil it) or not let the meat sit for more than 1 hr. The thing I forgot to mention is that it was my 14th anniversary dinner for my wife and myself. On top of that I was trying to do something impressive for my wife’s sister and my brother in-law. I was cooking it...
  9. fiveiron

    Emeril Live

    I can’t resist……. It drives me crazy when he says “I make it like this” and I am 99% sure he has not made that dish in years or has probably never made it before the show. But he could care less with all his cash. But……… his cayenne red pepper sauce is awesome. Or at least the one that gets...
  10. fiveiron

    Wine or Beer

    Very good article. Learn to cook with inexpensive good tasting wine. There are plenty available. Besides any great wine should be drunk unless you just want to throw away your money. I did make a red cabbage dish with a bottle of Domaine de la...
  11. fiveiron

    rice and pasta

    I better let a true Cajun cook give you the definition of what gumbo is. You could consider it a type of stew over rice. But it is fantastic. A search on Google would give you a good overview. If you have never had it I would highly recommend trying it. Especially if you like unusual...
  12. fiveiron

    rice and pasta

    Gumbo – served over rice obviously. Make it spicy Linguini and clam sauce - use oil (not a lot of oil), herbs, garlic, clams, onions, etc. May sound dumb but use the sauce lightly. no butter. Use a great oil on the pasta after you are done with the sauce as well. A good pecorino reggiano...
  13. fiveiron

    Food science/ duck disaster/ mush

    I thought it might be the pineapple before I posted. I did some research and found out pineapple contains as you mentioned an enzyme called bromelain. I was having a hard time believing 1.5 cups of fresh pineapple chunks (blended up)could completely breakdown a 5 pound duck and a 6 pound...
  14. fiveiron

    Need help with a cooking routine please

    I would suggest learning how to cook vegetables first. Vegetables cooked and seasoned properly can have tons of flavor. It would cut tons of fat out. Get some good olive oils, vinegar and learn how to make vinaigrettes. You can flavor the vegetables after they are cooked. A simple example is...
  15. fiveiron

    Food science/ duck disaster/ mush

    Any food scientists out there? Or anyone that can answer this question I would appreciate it. I have a question regarding a dish (duckhen) that turned into a disaster. I have made this dish times before it was they are all fantastic. A duckhen is a turduckhen minus the turkey so you all know...
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