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  1. canele

    Chicken Skins

    A wholesaler can order anything they want. If you have a good farmers market where you can buy directly from the farmer.... they too can fill an order for chicken skins.
  2. canele

    Preserving apples!

    line pie plates with enough plastic wrap to over lap peel and more or less... make apple pie filling. Sugar, seasonings and such.... place in pie plate, cover with plastic wrap and freeze.  Once frozen remove from pie plate and wrap for freezer storage. You will have ready to go apple pie...
  3. canele

    Chicken Skins

    Ask your butcher to special order it for you. I get mine in a 10 pound box. if it. Plenty of places ship.
  4. canele

    Seasoned Lodge skillet - EVERYTHING!

    nothing better then some boiling oil to do the trick. Deep fry several rounds of chicken. Or just .... boil some oil in it.
  5. canele

    Seasoned Lodge skillet - EVERYTHING!

    burn it off....
  6. canele

    Help to id enameled cast iron griddle

    costco over run is my guess. The handles match. :)
  7. canele


    aioli.... enough said
  8. canele

    Making smoothies creamy without banana or dairy

    Thanks! Agreed.... very possible i used to much rice.  the goal was a meal with an increased calorie count.... so a measured amount of rice.
  9. canele

    Making smoothies creamy without banana or dairy

    Yes, i too have used rice to thicken soups..... what technique do you use for smoothies? Ive given it a try using a vitamix..... and i got glue. lol.
  10. canele

    Making smoothies creamy without banana or dairy

    im not so sure about the white rice.....  it can become glue pretty darn fast. yes...i know this from experiance :) lol.
  11. canele

    Charity Event I am sponsoring.........................HELP!!!!!!

    for what its worth... i agree.... nix the chicken leg.  I would go with a chicken en croute. Same thing more or less...but a more high end presentation. for the veggi entrée.... wild mushroom risotto or stuff a vegetable....a roasted onion, eggplant or squash.
  12. canele

    What's for breakfast?

    biscuits and sausage gravy... YUMMY!!!!
  13. canele

    How many chefs/cooks do I need for a cafe

    I would go 1 full time chef and one part time chef to help cover the lunch run. The part time person would also be the one to break the full time chef. Just wondering.... are you the chef? If not, you should be the part time person to cover.
  14. canele

    costing for a friend's dessert party

    very nice!
  15. canele

    What spices to buy in Instanbul

    as mentioned above.... be very careful about customs. for the spices you named you can find them all here. I would look more for cooking equipment.. things you just cant find here. for example.... tangina pots. Tangina mind you... not tangine. I find them very interesting...
  16. canele

    Interviewed for Prep Cook got Hired to Work the Line!

    For us.... we would see a spark in someone. They would have that..... feel.  I dont know how else to explain it. With that person... we could train them exactly how we wanted them to work our line. this is a HUGE opportunity for you.... roll with it and learn all you can. Watch everyone, every...
  17. canele

    To give or not to give

    ive been in the same position. I gave hire and last day dates....and that was it.  I did not feel right "giving a recommendation" as i did not feel it was equal to what was demonstrated.
  18. canele

    Heating foods at Farmers Market

    are you allowed to bring in a small generator?  we got a "lunchbox" for shucks and giggles becasue it was cute....and it really does work. Not sure if it would be what you want... but it will heat things on the go.
  19. canele

    talking to the new generation

    hi boyo and this is where i said that i am not peoples mother. I am not there to hold their hands and pat them on their heads like children. You are an adult and should not need constant positive reinforcement to do your job. A job is not a carrot and stick..... its your job.  You are paid to...
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