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    Greeting from Argentina!

    Honestly working under talented chefs will teach you much more than a school without the huge price tag.  If you insist on school CIA or Johnson and wales are 2 of the better schools in the US.
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    Greeting from Argentina!

    Hey Bruno, Welcome! Anything you ever need just ask
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    Yeah time and a half after 8 and double after 16, it gets crazy for weekend gigs...I stay for the money, but I do enjoy the work. On larger jobs, I'll give the Chef/Driver position to my 2nd since Im getting profits. Share the wealth
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    After doing the restaurant, Hotel then private chef thing, this for some strange reason fit me. Says a bit about my mental stability
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    Awesome, Ive worked 12 years for other people in LA and NY just opened up in Atlanta. .PicturesUpCatering Dot com
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    in LA What companies did you work for?
  7. P is moving!

    BTW Nicko no such thing as a Former Chef.. Good Luck
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    Atlanta--Seeking Catering Partner

    Hello, We cater movies and TV shows in Atlanta and 95 % of all the food we cook is on-site in our catering truck but by law have to have a commissary kitchen We have a 3500Sq foot fully equipped kitchen that sits empty from 2pm to 4am everyday.  Lets talk. Would consider BBQ, Mexican, or...
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    How much should a line cook be paid?

    Where? What City?  What kind of restaurant? How many stations can you work? Besides cook what else do you have to do? Prep? Ordering? For me JUST doing line cook work even well, that's your job...It's about going above and beyond. 
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