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  1. lordofthefish

    Anyone familiar with le Gourmet Chef tri ply?

    Actually, Consumer Reports has rated them in the December 2005 issue. 1. KitchenAid Gourmet Essentials was first 2. Calphalon Contemporary 3. Emerilware Stainless (but melt and fall apart if left on a burner) 4. Magnalite Classic 5. Member's Mark Tri-ply clad 6. J.A. Hennckels Classic Clad 7...
  2. lordofthefish

    best brand of knives

    Mac Knives are so easy to keep razor sharp. Not as pretty as the others.
  3. lordofthefish

    As Seen On TV Knives

    Jenny, Serated knives are best for bread, crusted meats, pineapple skin, tough stuff like that. If you are interested in a serrated knife my advice is to go to Target and buy a spanish made Henkel and a small diamond rod sharpener for you to keep it sharp. Both are reasonably priced It is very...
  4. lordofthefish

    Pit Master

    Greetings! I do not work in the hospitality business but I do love to cook and am lucky enough to have a great kitchen. My forte is Smoked Barbecue. Being a Kansas City tranplant I am trying to teach these Wisconsinites to smoke their ribs! However, I will be looking for an easy roast chicken...
  5. lordofthefish

    Bravo Top Chef Series is Fixed

    Clearly the producers got in the way of this Cooking tv series for ratings. The blogs on bravo have been so critical they have shut some of them down. "I was really astounded at the contradiction from the judges discussion which often reminds me of a jury and often very different points of...
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