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    what's in your kit?

    Seems resourceful list all!!!! Thank you all for sharing here. Matches one of the most important.
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    My kids just love Weeknight Bolognese. I can share as I found it one of the excellent and easy pasta sauce. Hope this may help you.
  3. gilbertofarthi

    Comments/Suggestions for dealing with "difficult" owners.

    Ow, I wonder as I have one of the dream in my list to become a chef and work for one of the big hotels. I know that's only dream, but I want to do this for at least one day if I can.
  4. gilbertofarthi

    interview questions

    I remember the words of one of my friends. Calm down a bit & Be loyal!!! Make yourself familiar with the average food cost percentages.
  5. gilbertofarthi

    What stones are you using?

    Yeah, Just found this two article in case of any extra info about Shapton glass stone. Hope they may help you.
  6. gilbertofarthi

    I Have A Question...

    I am also in the same way. I had just started about a few weeks ago for loosing my weight. But facing so many problems so taking off in a weekend.
  7. gilbertofarthi

    garlic press

    Please make it clarify that you can easily get a replacement part of which you have been chosen. I had recently lost screw part of mine.
  8. gilbertofarthi

    Char Grill Review questions

    Make sure you have seen assembling and cleaning functionalities. I am using Gourmet Barrel Style with large cooking space and also best price as well. Had enjoyed so many grill parties with my friends and loved ones.
  9. gilbertofarthi

    Cheesecake Recipe's

    Please by knowing that you have not added the extra sugar. When I had made this last, it was like sugar and sugar at all. I think this was due to I had used double the bittersweet chocolate. Will definitely make again.
  10. gilbertofarthi

    Nut Substitutions

    Yes, It's often pretty easy. You can also add beans, crumbs, streusel in your list as well.
  11. gilbertofarthi

    "Chef" The Movie

    I loved this enjoyable film! I loved the connection between Chef Carl and his son & absolutely with his old friend. Yes Chefross, Want to see it again too.
  12. gilbertofarthi

    Sharpening stone

    Due to the aggressiveness of diamond may be. As a new user for any sharpening medium, one must have to be careful not to overdo it, not pressing too hard, or the edge can be damaged.
  13. gilbertofarthi

    Looking for a new cookware set

    Hey all, Great listing!!!! I am also thinking to buy this same since so many days but not able to save for this due to many reasons. :(
  14. gilbertofarthi

    Sharpening stone

    I am using diamond sharper as they are easier and less messy to use. One thing which I have notices is they are cheap and reliable. One can easily drop without any problems. 
  15. gilbertofarthi

    Advice on knife sharpening

    One of my friends had his own sharping business. They sharpen by hand using water and stone. I have seen them by doing this they just rub both sides of the knife on the stone.
  16. gilbertofarthi

    prep tips and tricks

    Yeah, Looks resourceful tips!!!! Thanks for sharing here.
  17. gilbertofarthi

    Tomato Basil Soup with Italian Sausage

    Yummmmmmmyyy, soup............... YES! Soup is my favorite. I am a big fan of soup. I will definitely try this. Thanks for sharing this recipe Loomchick.
  18. gilbertofarthi

    need help on a stew recipe

    Yeah, Yummmm.... Good idea.
  19. gilbertofarthi

    Non-alcoholic pairings

    Yeah, I just Love to do so. I usually try this kind of parings many items. Just a few weeks ago I & my husband had made garlic butter roles for our friends. Had used one added touch, white wine. And drizzled them with olive oil and added some white wine. Awesome!!!!
  20. gilbertofarthi

    Reuben – Famous sandwich with pastrami

    Delicious!!!! My husband like to cook it himself. One of my favorites from his cooking list with great balance of flavors. Caraway lends just killer flavor.....
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