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  1. kitchenheist

    High End Left-Handed Knife Set

    I have sliced plenty of very big onions with that knife. As well as squash, cabbage and other big ingredients with ease. If you are looking for all rounder, 240mm will be too big for a lot of tasks. But I guess it's down to personal preference.
  2. kitchenheist

    November 2015 Challenge : Soup

    I am new to this forum so I hope you don't mind me asking. Where do I submit the photo to enter the contest? Also does it need to include the recipe? And lastly can I include a link to my website where the recipe is stored?
  3. kitchenheist

    High End Left-Handed Knife Set

    I would say 240mm Gyuto is too big, especially for home cooking. I own a slighlty oversized 21cm knife (Yu Kurosaki Megumi 215mm Gyuto) and would not recommend going any bigger for home use.
  4. kitchenheist

    Favorite cooking knife

    Hi guys, I am interested to find out about everyone's favorite knives. Do you prefer German or Japanese, length, type, brand etc. Just asking out of curiosity. I have a Wusthof Ikon 20cm Chef's knife, but my favorite at the moment is Yu Kurosaki Megumi 21cm Gyuto
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