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  1. mattm

    Automatic Coffee Machines for Home

    Is always better to purchase both things separately, but if you can't afford is fine to stick for a while with something like that. De'Longhis are not the best but they can do the job for you. ps.: some retailers sell it on promo  just be careful to know whether they are worth it or not...
  2. mattm

    Are Coffee shops profitable?

    I said to the OP if he doesn't have the kind of secret formula Starbucks does have he would not succeed, because, YES, they profit and you can't compete with that.They are not a coffee shop, they are as you said a multi billion dollar company. I don't think the OP has in mind opening a new SB...
  3. mattm

    Are Coffee shops profitable?

    Oi? I think you are ironically mistaking apples for oranges.... He was addressing the fact Starbucks can't be really bad amidst all the criticism, otherwise "nobody would be there in the first place"  and make it the huge successful company it is, so your comment would apply to HIS commentary...
  4. mattm

    Are Coffee shops profitable?

    Lol..... you know, McDonalds does billions every year and does you consider their cousine any fancy and of high quality? There goes your analysis on Starbucks. Sorry, I know this sounds offensive, but your point of view is quite pedestrian. Poke me back when the taste of the masses indicates any...
  5. mattm

    Advice and opinions needed

    The pizzeria routine is quite "Light" when it comes to complexity of cooking as you are often following at least half the time the same recipe over and over again. I don't know how much crowded and fine cousine alike is this new place you are going to work on, but there is definitely more...
  6. mattm

    Are Coffee shops profitable?

    If you do not have the magic (shitty) recipes of a starbucks, you would rather focus on high end customers, and that requires good barista machines, good coffee, and skills. It would be expensive but I have to say that people are often growing more and more demanding when it comes to coffee.
  7. mattm

    raspberry ganache truffles

    Ooops sorry ma'am 
  8. mattm

    Just found this site today

    Welcome aboard! :)
  9. mattm

    Mustard seeds in Bombay potatoes

    Would depend on your standards for taste: what French mustard are you going to use? How many seeds correspond to a teaspoon of it (how concentrated is it). I believe you could substitute one thing for another for sure, but you will never know what is the original taste and probably that doesn't...
  10. mattm

    raspberry ganache truffles

    Indeed, I don't know how easy would it be for him to handle raspberries fresh, he could optionally freeze it inside vacuum bags and handle them like that.
  11. mattm

    Corn Bread

    Looks interesting...
  12. mattm

    How much do top chef's make?

    Quote: That's sad....
  13. mattm

    raspberry ganache truffles

    I would say sealed IN THE FRIDGE. Even though is winter, is always better to keep it cool, raspberries are quite acid and they may get fast way too sour when exposed to indoor temperatures depending on how warm is inside your home. I would not take the risk. Sealed inside the fridge will prevent...
  14. mattm

    Best way to clean a griddle?

    Does all griddles get like that in the of the day? Looks like a farm of acrylamides  :(
  15. mattm

    How to stop your Guacamole from turning brown

    I was about to ask her about the lemons she is using, though I always use lime, (green lemons), the 'yellow' lemon is much more acid, I never had problem though about it browning, maybe I eat it too fast too lol
  16. mattm

    potato masher suggestion

    As far as I know the bigger the fissures the better for your hand, I always had issues with models like the Rosler as they are also messier to handle
  17. mattm

    Chocolate ganache question

    I'm not a fan because it eclipses a bit the taste of the chocolate, it doesn't taste bad but it reminds me any random cake but a ganache. For some people it is "yummier" because it is an addition of fat, and fat always makes food in general tastier, that's why I think is more interesting to work...
  18. mattm

    Russian Cake

    I guess he/she is not coming back =/
  19. mattm

    How do you organize recipes?

    Lately I've been copying/pasting/editing everything on the native notes app of my samsung phone, is a mess the way they are stored but you can easily find anything searching by keywords, just don't ask me what happens when someone steals my phone, I don't know how to backup this
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