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    What did you have for dinner?

    make it without beans, add Israeli coucous at the end.
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    What did you have for dinner?

    Cassolet, again. Same tonite.
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    High Volume vs. Smaller establishments?

    I started in a small pastry cafe, the chef was from Paris and very talented, after 5 years I moved to french restaurants, yrs later i tried hotels, kinda sad. The cooks couldn't cook, the bakers were hopelessly untrained, I was at the Ritz, Meridien and Hilton, they all suck. The Meridien had a...
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    How do restaurants keep the burgers warm when it contains cold ingredients

    Its not your problem. I go buy a pizza, the guy selling it doesn't worry if I can keep it warm, did I warm up the plates for the pizza, its not his problem. I go buy ice cream, no-one worries if I have it in my car fir 45 minutes, its not their problem. You are confusing drop off with catering.
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    Do commercial electric convection ovens need to be under a hood system?

    yes for gas, electric usually no. Elec is easier installation but you pay every time the elec bill comes. Buy once cry once if you go gas and install a hood.
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    How good is ICCA Dubai in making it into the pastry world?

    did you read their website?
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    A co-worker wedding...HELP! Need advice

    he thinks you are the cheapest option. walk away or you will pay. There is no job so great that you cannot afford to walk away from.
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    What's a good way to cook a lamb leg?

    Roast it !
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    yoghurt failure

    theres nothing wrong with commercial starter, the problem is the "leftover' part , I prefer to open a new sealed tub. I tried with raw milk from the local Amish farmer, it was the same as retail milk. I kept going and made cream cheese, then cheesecake from that.
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    Lets talk Tea... (Favorite Blends and Recommendations)

    Getting a decent cup of Joe in the uk is like trying to get a proper cuppa char in the US. PG tips for me, none of that perfumy stuff, and never let an unsupervised American make the brew.
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    yoghurt failure

    could be sterilization problem, It happens. I ruined a batch stirring in the seed with my bare hand, 4 gallons ruined. " left over commercial yoghurt" sounds like another possible source of problem. I wrap mine in an electric blanket covered with a comforter to maintain temps. Monitor the temp...
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    Meatball rolling equipment

    try used equipment guys.
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    Please help: Packaging handmade filled fresh pasta without it sticking to each other

    The moisture is coming from the filling, its not the dough, drying the pasta will not stop moisture from soaking through from within. Anyway, did you drain the ricotta, otherwise it tends to be sloppy.
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    Convection oven vegan cake HELP!

    its not temp related. Without egg you only have a 2 legged stool, something is required to substitute for the egg, you could try coconut flour, or potato careful , a little bit has a big effect. i would use crisco.
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    Mousse challenge

    To me, real chocolate mousse contains 3 ingredients, choc, eggs and cream. It can be difficult to execute, to the point that these days its impossible to find the basic recipe without some sort of extender or emulsifier, by the time the recipe is dumbed down to ensure success its a failure. End...
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    Brioche Doughnut HELP

    As I wrote before , theres something fundamentally wrong, they don't look right. Even ignoring the bubbling they don't look remotely like yeast raised donuts. The sharp corners suggest the dough is either not proofed at all before going in the oil or the dough is way way too firm, it looks like...
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    Brioche Doughnut HELP

    is it a commercial recipe mixed in a commercial mixer ?
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    Brioche Doughnut HELP

    something wrong fundamentally, I would just use a donut recipe.
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    What to expect to charge for retail/wholesale?

    Its unrealistic but folk in hollyweed are nuts, theres a buck to be made but its not transferable to commercial volume. If you wanna live with the classes , do business with the masses. If you do business with the classes you will always live with the masses.
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    What foods have gluten?

    I see it a lot on food forums, "my daughter is allergic to X but she loves it, how can we make the same thing without x". Theres an obsession with trying to have what is forbidden. Irish Restaurant Goes Viral After Banning Vegans
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