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  1. Cief Lonwind of the North

    Family meal, staff meal

    American Goulas is also called slumgullion, and American Chop Suey, depending on where you are from. It is often a simple can of stewed tomato, sliced onion, ground beef, and elbow macaroni. That;s how my mother made it. I like it better the way I make it. Seeeeya; Chief Longwind of the North
  2. Cief Lonwind of the North

    Family meal, staff meal

    Prize Winning Hot (very spicy) Chili Ok. Due to popular demand, here it is in all its unbalanced glory. Think sixes. In fact, I think I'll call this recipe Chili #6 . 6 lbs. diced tomatoes (pour off the juice before adding to the pot) 6 lb. can Kidney Beans 6 lb. can Pinto Beans 6 stalks...
  3. Cief Lonwind of the North

    Family meal, staff meal

    Easy, cost effective, and classic - Spaghetti Carbonara The secret to this dish is its creamy texture, and umami flavor that comes from panchetta, or bacon, even side pork if you so desire, together with a silky texture, and a bit of spice. Ingredients: 1 lb. belly bacon 2 lbs. spaghetti...
  4. Cief Lonwind of the North

    Family meal, staff meal

    i Seafood Marinara Over Linguini This has been a hit everywhere I've made it. It is my SIL's favorite pasta dish. I served it to him at his wedding reception.. A rich tomato sauce with steamed muscles, clams, sautéed scallops, and tiger shrimp make this a treat. The flavors are enhanced...
  5. Cief Lonwind of the North

    Grill station

    Well said Chef Ross. What you said about salting is something I should have included in my post,. Also, I should have put that with acidic marinades, ten minutes is as good as ten hours, as the proteins react with the acid, and create a barrier to any of the marinade penetratingly deep into...
  6. Cief Lonwind of the North

    Grill station

    Do you have a flat top, flame grill, or broiler to work with. Even a heavy frying pa will give you great results. Your orders will come requesting the degree of doneness requested by the patron. For all of the cooking methods, until well experienced, check the meat temp in the thickest part...
  7. Cief Lonwind of the North

    Chinois free alternative to Vitamix

    Take a look at the Kleanblend mixers. They are very similar to the vitamix, but at half the price. Seeeeya; Chief Longwind of the North
  8. Cief Lonwind of the North

    Japanese style Egg Rolls with Pineapple Sweet & Sour Sauce

    I'm so happy you like the recipe. Have you made crab rangoons? They are so easy. Here's how. Ingredients: 8 oz. cream cheese 1 tbs. granulated sugar 4 oz. lump crab meat Wonton skins Cooking oil Combine cream cheese, sugar, crab meat. Place wonton skins nearby. Place a small bowl of water...
  9. Cief Lonwind of the North

    Hi from South Carolina!

    Your intro spoke to me, as making the best, healthiest, and introducing the greatest variety to my own family was what drove me. Couple that with an intense need to learn everything I could, about everything, and you have me. I suspect that you are a younger version of me. Seeeeya; Chief...
  10. Cief Lonwind of the North

    Eight years since Chef KC Ma died

    For me, it was a Honda Trail 90, street legal, all over the Easter U.P. of Mi., graduating to a 75 Yamaha DT 250 (wonderful machine). tricked out and used for amazing hills and trails just South of Imperial Beach, CA. And then... I too no longer ride. Oh how I miss it. Seeeeya; Chief...
  11. Cief Lonwind of the North

    Authentic Mexican Food

    There was a converted Tasty Freeze building, converted by a Mexican family in El Cajon, CA that was called La Cotija. They made shredded beef tacos on fresh corn tortillas, lightly softened in hot lard. The shredded beef was seasoned with cumin, salt, pepper, jalapeno, minced onion, and...
  12. Cief Lonwind of the North

    Anyone have experience with the Bamix Kitchen Appliance/Immersion Blender

    I just saw this brand while searching the internet. It does a lot more than other hand blenders I've see. Anyone have personal experience with the Bamix product? Seeeeya; Chief Longwind of the North
  13. Cief Lonwind of the North

    Upside Down Apple Cheesecake (well sort of)

    Do you not add sugar, or honey to the cream cheese mixture? Also, adding egg to the cream cheese will make it creamier. Typical cheesecake filling - 2 lbs, cream cheese, 1 cup sour cream, 1 tbs. vanilla extract 1/4 cup sugar. 2 tbs. cornstarch, 2 eggs. This custard can be poured over a fruit...
  14. Cief Lonwind of the North

    My Best American Goulash

    Chief’s Best American Goulash The inspiration. for this recipe came from my Dad. He’d make his goulash at deer camp, every year. So warm and hearty after still-hunting in a cold, snow covered blind until dark, it was a favorite of everyone, including me. I twerked the recipe a bit, changing...
  15. Cief Lonwind of the North

    Hi from South Carolina!

    Welcome. I too am relatively new here, but have been honing my cooking skills for better than 40 years, From what I've seen so far, the people on this site are friendly, knowledgeable, and very helpful. I hope you learn much, and share with us your cooking thoughts. Seeeeya; Chief Longwind...
  16. Cief Lonwind of the North

    Stropping recommendations?

    What about harp. the stropping belt on your worksharp? I would think that it would do a great job. . Another option is 8000 grit emery cloth. on a rubber pad. A little water, and pushing the cutting edge as the trailing edge will produce the convex edge, and polish you're loo king for. I...
  17. Cief Lonwind of the North

    What are you listening to these days?

    I'd love to read it, but can't seem to figure out how to view my PM's. Seeeeya; Chief Longwind of the North
  18. Cief Lonwind of the North

    Where Do Chefs Go to Eat Out?

    I may not be a professional chef, but am a well experienced home cook, ever working to make my food better. Plus, I have eaten some extraordinary food, both in many parts of the U.S., and in several Pacific Rim nations. That being said, I want my food cooked properly. I know good food from...
  19. Cief Lonwind of the North

    Food to Sell to Prep School Kids

    Wholesome, whole grain sub rolls, with appropriate deli meats, an olive bar, and fresh cut veggies for sandwiches. Evoo for a dressing. You might even grill the sub buns with olive oil brushed on, the rubbed with raw garlic. Wraps are often perceived to be healthier than bread, though they...
  20. Cief Lonwind of the North

    Smoldering Chicken

    I wish I had been here for the spicy theme challenge. I would have entered this recipe. In any case, for those who love spicy chicken, and have a charcoal grill, or gas grill, this chicken will tickle your testbeds. I have made in in an oven. It's better over fire. It got its name from...
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