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  1. Wurstmeister

    Meatball rolling equipment

    Take a look at this Bing search result. There are a lot of small scale rolling/forming machines available. Considering the size/foot print of the equipment, mods to current electrical system, maintenance and repair, It might be easier/less expensive to hire someone parttime or work study...
  2. Wurstmeister


    This is a better link that I should've posted . It shows all 20 forms available, description and screen shot, and the membership level to acquire them. All spreadsheets appear to be available at the $5/month level...
  3. Wurstmeister


    I posted this in another thread for conversion of recipes. This site has pretty much the same spreadsheets you are looking for, but not as fancy or expensive membership as restaurant owner.
  4. Wurstmeister

    Covert recipes to commercial recipes

    Kitz, take a look at the "Excel Recipe Templates for Chefs" at Chefs Resources web site (link below). I've been using this one along with their other Excell spreadsheets for a few years and find them very useful. Of course there is no such things as a "free lunch" and to acquire the...
  5. Wurstmeister

    Insight on a little side hustle.

    toffee - Here is a recent article (16 May 21) from catersource discussing box dinners, etc that might give you some ideas. Take a look at Kraft Paper food boxes as a search item. An interesting site is cateringbox...
  6. Wurstmeister

    Baking brisket

    I'd worry baking would dry the brisket. Consider braising the brisket adding liquid smoke to the stock. I prefer to use an electric pressure cooker(s) to braise my briskets if I can't normal smoke them.
  7. Wurstmeister

    Good Morning! Here to discuss lost cooking art, old recipes & some antique tools & tips!

    Looking forward to participating. I find it interesting that my dad's simple, counter mounted hand cranked meat grinder works better than the electric grinder I had (donation!) for making sausages and other ground meats. :emoji_beers:
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